NeutralMalar Bravehorn
Image of Malar Bravehorn
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 8-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Argent Dawn
Location Chapel of the Crimson Flame, Scarlet Enclave
Status Alive

Malar Bravehorn is a tauren member of the Argent Dawn and was taken prisoner by the Scarlet Crusade in the Scarlet Enclave. When the death knights of Acherus invaded the Enclave, the prisoners traded owners.

Tauren death knights have a chance to execute Bravehorn.

Objective of


Malar Bravehorn says: Come to finish the job, have you?
Malar Bravehorn says: You'll look me in the eyes when...
Malar Bravehorn says: <Name>?
Malar Bravehorn says: <Name>, I'd recognize those horns anywhere... What have they done to you, <name>?
Malar Bravehorn says: You don't remember me, do you? Blasted Scourge... They've tried to drain you of everything that made you a righteous force of reckoning. Every last ounce of good... Everything that made you a tauren!
Malar Bravehorn says: Think, <name>. Think back. Try and remember the rolling plains of Mulgore, where you were born. Remember the splendor of life, <brother/sister>. You were a champion of the tauren once! This isn't you.
Malar Bravehorn says: Listen to me <name>. You must fight against the Lich King's control. He is a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin. Don't let him use you to accomplish his goals. You were once a hero and you can be again. Fight, damn you! Fight his control!
Malar Bravehorn says: There... There's no more time for me. I'm done for. Finish me off, <name>. Do it or they'll kill us both. <Name>... Remember Mulgore. This world is worth saving.
Malar Bravehorn says: Do it, <name>! Put me out of my misery!

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