Malden's Orchard

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Malden's Orchard

Malden's Orchard[57, 10] is a small orchard in northern Silverpine Forest. The trees in the orchard are dark and evergreen, but their fruits have not been picked in years. The orchard is named for its former owner, who was forced to flee his home when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron.

Recently, large numbers of black worgs have taken up residence around the orchard and its single small cottage. When the Deathstalkers Rane Yorick, Quinn Yorick, and Erland McKree were conducting their reconnaissance mission, Erland was tasked with exploring Malden's Orchard. When he arrived he encountered the numerous worgs and was forced to take refuge within the abandoned cottage. He was pinned down for several days until with the aid of forsaken agents, he managed to make his escape and flee back to his partners at the Ivar Patch to the southwest.

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