A maldracite crystal.

Maldracite is a crystalline material found in Maldraxxus. It can be charged with anima or be used to channel or drain anima, making it useful as a magical tool.[1][2][3]

Members of the House of Rituals gather anima into maldracite crystals[1] and draw runes with finely-ground maldracite,[2] employing it as a conduit to power their rituals. Baroness Vashj tasked an adventurer with "relieving" some House of Rituals necromancers of a few maldracite crystals, so she could use them to perform an interrogation ritual on Mephiles the Loyal.[4] She and the adventurer also used the necromancers' maldracite dust to draw a sigil of binding to trap Mor'Bitan.[2]

"Worth their weight in maldracite" is a saying among the Maldraxxi.[5] This saying seems to have the same meaning as its real-world counterpart, "world their weight in gold."

As a quest item

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