Maldraxxus gladiator

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This article is about the Maldraxxus race. For the gladiator occupation in general, see gladiator.
Gladiators Maldraxxus.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Undying Army, House of the Chosen (Necrolord Covenant)
Homeworld Shadowlands
Area(s) Maldraxxus

In Maldraxxus, gladiators are a race of powerful warriors and champions that serve within the ranks of the House of the Chosen. Peerless battlefield tacticians, gladiators are unmatched in martial combat and train with a variety of rune-forged weapons.[1]



  • The female version has the Kul Tiran female animation rig. The male version uses a mixed animation rig of the ogres and Kul Tiran males.
  • Their sound files are named "Maldraxxus Gladiator".[2]