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Maldraxxus necromancer

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This article is about the Maldraxxus race. For the necromancer occupation in general, see necromancer.
Maldraxxus necromancer concept.jpg
Faction/Affiliation Necrolord Covenant
Homeworld Shadowlands
Area(s) Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus necromancers[1] are a type of undead casters found in Maldraxxus, primarily of the House of Rituals. They experiment on the souls of the ambitious and contentious, reforming only the greatest into undead soldiers who protect the Shadowlands.[2] They are the acolytes and ritualists of the House of Rituals, the forgewardens and flayedwing tenders of the House of the Chosen, the plague investigators of the House of Plagues, and the surgeons and flesh stitchers of the House of Constructs.

Notes and trivia

  • Necromancers are visually inspired by the undead unit of the same name from Warcraft III. Artist Matthew McKeown started designing the Maldraxxian necromancers by pushing shapes to get a distinct silhouette and incorporating iconic elements from the Warcraft III necromancers, such as crossing daggers, large sleeves, and a giant spell book. These elements show the necromancers' ritualistic nature and keeps them recognizable as necromancers that players know. Since necromancers live alongside liches in the House of Rituals, they wear similar purple-and-gold clothing and have similarly-shaped skulls with long chins resembling Egyptian pharaohs.[3][4]
  • They use the same animations as male Zandalari trolls.
  • In-game necromancers have three fingers on each hand, but Afterlives: Maldraxxus depicts a necromancer with a five-fingered hand.
  • Purple robes seems to indicate allegiance to the House of Rituals, green is usually only seen in the Houses of Plagues and Constructs, and black is primarily used in the House of the Chosen.



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