Maldraxxus skeleton

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Maldraxxus skeleton
Chosen Siegecrafter.png
Faction/Affiliation The Undying Army
Racial capital Maldraxxus
Homeworld Shadowlands

In Maldraxxus, skeletons, also called animates,[1][2][3] appear to be the most common form of undead within the realm of the Shadowlands, seen in all five houses. Unlike traditional skeletons, these warriors have flesh that still sticks to their frames like sinew and come in a uniform style that appears to be unique to the Maldraxxi. Skeletons within Maldraxxus range from low ranking summons that are conjured by other, stronger, Maldraxxi to high ranking lieutenants and craftsmen, such as Secutor Mevix and Bonesmith Heirmir respectively.



  • The Necrolord Covenant mage ability [Deathborne] transforms the caster into a Maldraxxus skeleton.
  • One of the random effects of  [The Necronom-i-nom] toy turns the player into a Maldraxxus skeleton.
  • They use the Kul Tiran male rigging.
  • Their sound files are named "ossien summon" for combat sounds,[4] "bony skeleton" for males,[5] and "salgin" and "Maldraxxus Skeleton" for females.[6][7]
  • Despite being referred to as skeletons, they all have flesh.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The appearance in the Afterlives animated short of a Maldraxxus necromancer that looks almost the same as the Maldraxxus skeletons that appear in the animated short could indicate that the necromancers are also to be considered Maldraxxus skeletons, but Maldraxxus necromancers appear more distinct in-game and are always covered in clothing so how close the relation of these forms of Maldraxxus undead in unknown.


Afterlives animated short