Malformed Defias Drone

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MobMalformed Defias Drone
Image of Malformed Defias Drone
Race Undead (Undead)
Level 23
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood
Location Klaven's Tower, Westfall[70.0, 74.0]

The Malformed Defias Drone was an undead guarding Klaven Mortwake's tower in Westfall. The two Defias patrollers Jill and Raven feared ending up as drones if they slacked in their guard duties.[1]

He was previously an agent sent by Master Mathias Shaw to kill Mortwake,[2] raised back in undeath through the use of a Zanzil poison brought by the Venture Company.

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  1. ^ If Klaven comes down while we're slacking, we might end up as those things!
  2. ^  [Klaven Mortwake's Journal]

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