Malfurion's Breach when first invaded.

The tree begins to grow.

The tree continues to grow.

The outpost in full.

Malfurion's Breach is the entrance point from where the Guardians of Hyjal invade the Firelands in the area known as the Molten Front. It's here, after securing the area, that Malfurion Stormrage plants a seed that would grow into massive tree, known as a Sentinel Tree,[1][2] that will shelter them and allow them to hold their ground. Once grown this outpost will serve as a permanent shelter for the druids that will be maintained here to watch over the realm, making sure that events like that happening now will not happen again.[2]

After the tree has grown for a time, the surrounding area starts to fill with life as grass begins to grow. Nearby to the west a moonwell has been constructed, just needing water from the Well of Eternity. After completing the quest N [35] Filling the Moonwell, it is filled and some fruit plants blessed by Elune grow nearby. As the player character continues to finish the story the several phasing areas begin to appear, such as the lush green grass and the moonwell, along with the Sentinel Tree as it grows larger and larger, allowing the druids to nourish and thrive better in the fire plane.


Phases in after the quest N [35] Druids of the Talon is completed
Phases in after the quest N [35] The Shadow Wardens is completed
Phases in after both Wardens and Druids have been recruited
Phases in after the quest N [35] Additional Armaments is completed
Phases in after the quest N [35] Calling the Ancients is completed


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