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Image of Malgar
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Hunter
Affiliation(s) Horde, Garad'kra
Former affiliation(s) Old Horde, Independent
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Companion(s) Remnes (wolf companion)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Malgar is an orc hunter and member of the Garad'kra. His companion is a wolf named Remnes. Formerly a drifter and lone wolf, Malgar preferred to stay far away from the Horde and anything he perceived as a life of servitude or slavery, until he became embroiled—and ended up playing a central role—in the Garad'kra's mission to stop the centaur threat after the Cataclysm.


Life of solitude[]

Malgar was a soldier in the Old Horde during their invasion of Azeroth, but he felt that he was a slave to the Horde's masters and to the blood-curse. After the Horde's defeat, Malgar was placed in an internment camp with other survivors, an experience that gave him an intense hatred for slavery. After Thrall led the orcs to Kalimdor, Malgar decided that he wanted nothing more to do with the Horde, preferring a life of solitude and freedom over having to serve others. He was content to hunt alone in the Northern Barrens with his wolf Remnes, and he claims to have hunted or tracked "just about every creature on Azeroth". He preferred to stay far away from Orgrimmar, since the smell of the land reminded him of his past corruption.[1]

The Garad'kra[]

Ironhoof and Malgar vs centaur

Malgar and Ironhoof fighting the perfect ones in the Barrens.

Malgar and Ironhoof in Org

Malgar waking up at the Wyvern's Tail.

One day, Malgar saw a band of centaur raiders—led by larger centaur using unusual tactics—laying waste to a small orc farm, giving him no choice but to return to the violent life he had left behind. The tauren Ironhoof joined him against the raiders, but Remnes was injured in the fighting. This caused Malgar to become enraged and leave an opening for a centaur to strike his back and destroy his rifle. Ironhoof defeated the remaining centaur, but as he questioned one of them, the centaur's new leader Aratas appeared and killed the survivor with a spear throw before disappearing. Despite the orc's protests, Ironhoof carried the injured Malgar and Remnes to Orgrimmar to recuperate in the Wyvern's Tail inn. While the orc slept, Ironhoof bought him a tauren bow to replace his lost rifle. When Malgar woke up, Ironhoof tried to convince him to join him in the Garad'kra militia. The orc balked at the idea of taking orders from others, likening it to being a slave, and left the city, though not before telling the tauren that he owed him a blood debt for saving his life.

Malgar and Dorthar

Malgar with the captive Dorthar.

Malgar returned to the farm to inspect Aratas' hoofprints—which were unlike any other centaur's—and decided against better judgment that he needed to pursue the creature to see how dangerous he was. He and Remnes found Aratas' camp in the Northern Barrens and pursued a nightly patrol of centaur, which turned out to be a death march: a group of the larger centaur planned to execute the runt Dorthar for being impure. Malgar killed them and interrogated Dorthar, who told him of the larger centaur—the "perfect ones"—and their plan to take over Azeroth. Malgar left Dorthar alive and returned to Aratas' camp, where he came face to face with the high khan and his soldiers. The orc was saved by the arrival of the Garad'kra: Ironhoof, Shagara, Rada'jin, Ashra, and Felgrim. Malgar and Remnes left the ensuing battle to pursue Aratas, but he mocked the orc for leaving his allies' side when they were fighting a losing battle. Malgar returned to the fight and helped turn the tide, prompting Aratas to try to kill him with a spear throw. Dorthar saved the orc's life by jumping in front of him with his shield. The centaur were defeated, but Aratas escaped. Malgar intervened on Dorthar's behalf to keep Ashra from killing him, and the centaur revealed that Aratas had created an army of centaur and orc slaves in Desolace in order to invade Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar.

Malgar, Dorthar, and the Garad'kra set out on a zeppelin journey to Desolace. During the voyage, Malgar argued with Shagara, telling her that her disorganized team had no chance against the centaur army and that they should focus on freeing the slaves instead. Shagara shot back that the lone wolf Malgar knew nothing of teamwork.[1]


Malgar and Dorthar freeing slaves

Malgar and Dorthar freeing Aratas' orc slaves.

Malgar promising Rada'jin

Malgar's promise to Rada'jin.

On arrival in Desolace, Shagara and Ironhoof formed a plan to stop the centaur army by killing Aratas, even if it meant their own deaths. Malgar protested against this, to no avail. While the Garad'kra confronted Aratas outside Maraudon, Malgar and Dorthar freed the orc slaves. Dorthar then offered to lead the slaves to safety and encouraged a reluctant Malgar to join the others. The Garad'kra started to lose against the perfect ones, and Aratas taunted that they would die since they had no harmony of purpose and therefore no "heart". Malgar arrived and saved them with his arrows and Remnes, causing Aratas to realize that it was Malgar who was the Garad'kra's "heart". The khan threw a spear at the orc's back, but Rada'jin jumped in front, sacrificing himself to save the orc. Aratas retreated into Maraudon with the unconscious Shagara to sacrifice her to his elemental father. Before Rada'jin expired, Malgar promised him that he would tell everyone about the troll's sacrifice.

Aratas' death

Malgar killing Aratas.

Rada'jin's death caused the Garad'kra to immediately fall back into disagreements until Malgar declared that he was going after Shagara, which convinced the others to follow him. Inside Maraudon, Aratas summoned his "father", and the Garad'kra stopped to fight it while Malgar and Remnes followed the centaur. Aratas revealed that he'd hoped Malgar would follow him, so he could kill the orc as revenge for killing the other perfect ones. Aratas easily held Malgar and Remnes off until Shagara revealed that she was conscious and used an earth totem to root the centaur in place, allowing Malgar to decapitate him. The two orcs ran back to the main chamber and Malgar tossed Aratas' head at the elemental to distract it. Shagara gave Aratas' spear—the elemental's only weakness—to Ashra, and after the others used their abilities to give him an opening, he used it to destroy the monster.

Malgar in Orgrimmar

Malgar and Remnes back in Orgrimmar.

Their victory ended the centaur threat. Malgar returned to Orgrimmar with Remnes and the Garad'kra and reflected that he might've been wrong about the Horde. He sought out Shagara and offered to take Rada'jin's place in the Garad'kra. He admitted that while he would be a challenge to command and was still unsure about his place in the Horde, he had realized that he wanted to fight alongside his friends. Shagara replied that she accepted the challenge. The friends then gathered to witness Dorthar joining the Horde.[1]


  • "I left these lands to be on my own. No orcs. No Horde. No one to answer to. To be free."[2]
  • "Shagara, you are wrong! Do you not remember the internment camps we were forced to live in? It made us little more than slaves! [...] To be a slave is a fate worse than death."[3]
  • Rada'jin: "I be doin' sometin'... good?"
    Malgar: "The most noble act I've ever seen. You've done your people and the Horde proud."
    Rada'jin: "Da trolls... dey be worthy, ya?"
    Malgar: "Always."
    Rada'jin: "Malgar be tellin' de orcs... be tellin' de Horde... what a troll did for dem dis day."
    Malgar: "As long as I have breath."[4]
  • Aratas: "Why do you fight for this female? Does she belong to you?"
    Malgar: "Belong?! No. I fight so she may die free. And not by the hand of one such as you."[5]
  • "I have spent most of my life alone. Even now, I am unsure of my place in the Horde. But... I find myself wanting more. Wanting to fight alongside those I judge friends. Those I would die for."[6]




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