Malykriss: The Vile Hold.

Malykriss: The Vile Hold is an incomplete Scourge necropolis in Icecrown. It is being constructed entirely of saronite, the ore used to construct Icecrown Citadel and its defenses.

According to Vereth the Cunning, this necropolis was intended as the replacement for Acherus: The Ebon Hold (now held by the renegade Knights of the Ebon Blade), and if completed, would be hard to destroy.[1] According to Crusader Olakin Sainrith, it is the seat of the Lich King's metalworking operations.[2] Malykriss isn't only a forge, in the quarry below as well as in other locations, the Host of Suffering trains new death knights under the leadership of Orbaz Bloodbane.

After Keritose Bloodblade found out that all the saronite was being sent here, he sent an adventurer to meet up with Vereth the Cunning in order to disable the Scourge operations.[3] After using the Eye of Dominion to take control of a Lithe Stalker,[4] in order to find out what they are up against,[5] Vereth considered that it was unnecessary to destroy it, and that the production simply had to be halted.

He later sent an adventurer to the necropolis to take away the new death knights, so these could be destroyed before becoming a real threat. In order to cause some disruption, he also asked them to start fights, kill gargoyles and take out abominations. Finally, he sent them to kill the leaders Sapph the rider of frost,[6] Rokir the rider of the unholy,[7] and Baelok the rider of blood.[8]

With the riders of the host of suffering dead, and the production halted, Vereth ordered to put an end to their true leader, Orbaz Bloodbane.[9]

Other Malykriss-type necropoli

Malykriss type necropolis in the Halls of Reflection.

A necropolis that shares a design with Malykriss can be seen in the ice cavern that leads to the Lich King's balcony in the Halls of Reflection instance.

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