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Mana or Magic point is a substance. Arcane energy is derived from the phase transitions of mana - if mana were water, then arcane would be steam pressure.[1]

The existence and mixture of various forces and energies form powerful vortices of mana.[2]


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  • A mage can manipulate mana for defense, offense and on portals.[3]
  • The most generalized abjuration spell is the [Mana Shield], which transmutes raw mana into a protective barrier.[4]
  • Mages can disenchant magical items, producing a unique form of crystallized mana which can be used to imbue other items with magical abilities.[5]

Mana bombs

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Mana bombs are bombs fueled by pure arcane energy. Blood elves had created the cursed things.[6]

Mana creatures

  • IconSmall Arcane.gif Arcane Constructs are intelligent, but unpredictable creatures spawned of pure mana and intellect.[7] The high elves outlawed them around 1,500 years ago, but the new era of Highborne have begun using them again.[8]
  • IconSmall Mana.gif Mana surges
  • IconSmall Mana.gif Arcane wraiths
  • IconSmall ManaWyrm.gif Mana wyrms are attracted to and feed off arcane energies. They are commonly found in Quel'Thalas around fel crystals and were used as guardians. Blood elves have been known to drain magic from mana wyrms to sate their arcane addiction. They can also be found in Netherstorm.


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Kael'thas Sunstrider used a number of manaforges in Netherstorm to harvest the chaotic magic of the Twisting Nether. The magic was channeled to Mechanar where it was packaged into mana cells.[9] At the manaforges, various mana creatures appeared. After Kael'thas' defeat in Tempest Keep, he used ethereals to smuggle these cells to his forces on the Isle of Quel'Danas. The Shattered Sun Offensive stole mana cells from the ethereals to power their portal to Quel'Danas.[10][11]



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Moonwells — bound to the magic of nature and the light of Elune — were places of healing for both the land around them and those who drank of their waters. Magi and other spellcasters could even refresh their mana, a gift of the Mother Moon to Azeroth's other defenders.[12]

The moonwells hold the waters of the Well of Eternity, the ancient source of magic that has wrought so many horrors upon our world. The druids take advantage of its properties.[13]

In the TCG

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  • Mana most efficiently fills an unbroken vessel.[14]
  • Magi are unique in their ability to store mana for future use without alchemical aid.[15]


  • As evident by the existence of the  [Fel Mana Potion], mana (which arcane is derived from) can be tied to (or contain) fel.
  • Moam had the ability to summon burning elementals crafted of pure mana.[16]
  • Little is known about how the first Obsidian Destroyers were created, but legends speak of Vek'lor himself hammering out the first statue in a molten forge beneath the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. To Vek'lor's surprise, his inert creations were quickly imbued with limited sentience by his shadowy overseer, as well as a mysterious power - the ability to drain the magical energies of living creatures. In addition, these energies could be stored and then released in a tremendous burst of incendiary mana.[16]
  • After the fall of Quel'Thalas and the Sunwell, blood elves entered a state of magical addiction that forced them to suck mana crystals.[17]


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