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Escaped Manasaber HS

A manasaber in Hearthstone.

Manasabers (also written mana sabers) are a type of saber cat found on the Broken Isles (mainly in Suramar) that have been altered by the natural ley line and mana fields of Suramar.[1] Juveniles are referred to as manakittens.[2] They are purple and covered with runes. They are usually the favored mounts and animal companions of the nightborne. Mana sabers can absorb energy from ley line spots by running through them.[3] They are born capable of sniffing out concentrations of arcane energy.[4]



A manasaber in World of Warcraft.


Mew, a manakitten in World of Warcraft.

As a mount[]

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Mystic Runesaber

Mystic Runesaber flying mount.

As a companion pet[]

As a hunter pet[]

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Most manasabers qualify as spirit beasts. Nightborne hunters start with a manasaber that counts as a cat. It is the only way to have a manasaber pet in the Marksmanship and Survival specializations since spirit beasts are only tamable by Beast Mastery.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It is currently not known whether mana sabers are dependent on external sources of mana like the nightborne are. If they are, they do not show any ability to drain mana in the game. It is possible that mana sabers in the wild can only be sustained through passive ley-line exposure. It is also possible that they feed on the energy of prey; they are capable of puncturing a target to cause energy to "leak out," as seen in the ability Spell arcane manatap Mana Fang.