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Mannoroc Coven

Mannoroc Coven.

Mannoroc Coven located directly to the south of Ghost Walker Post and east of Shadowprey Village, is the location of a number of night elven ruins in Desolace. It is named after the dreaded Pit Lord, Mannoroth. The already dead earth has been even further blasted with fel magic by demons that inhabit the area. The magic is thick in the air and travelers will notice that a deadly pall falls over the region upon entering. The infernal, the succubus, the felhound and the felguard stalk the area and are hostile to all foolish enough to pass through.

Several agents of the Burning Legion, including fel hunters, infernals, doom guards and succubi, reside here, led by Lord Azrethoc. The orc warlock Jugkar Grim'rod also represents the Burning Blade here. This group is the largest demonic coven in central Kalimdor.[1]

The coven is a haven for the demons who have been summoned into the world by the Burning Blade cultists using a number of magical portals. The demons that populate the Mannoroc Coven are proof that this nefarious scheme has been dangerously successful. Recently, a number of adventurers have sealed some of these portals using the Inv gauntlets 03 [Hand of Iruxos] on the behest of Taiga Wisemane, but no matter how many portals are banished, more inevitably appear over time, suggesting that a more permanent solution needs to be found to prevent Desolace from turning into a stronghold of the Burning Legion in Azeroth.

Mannoroc Coven Digsite[]

Mannoroc Coven Digsite map

Mannoroc Coven Digsite map.

The Mannoroc Coven Digsite covers the entirety of the Mannoroc Coven subregion. Mannoroc Coven is a night elf archaeology dig site.



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