Mantid is the language of the mantid. They click their mandibles when speaking. When they laugh, it sounds like a sharp, ugly noise, as the mantid's mandibles click open and shut in a strange, raspy rhythm.[1]

List of words

  • Klaxxi = means "priest" in the "old tongue".[2]
  • Shek = A royal title or prefix, held by the empress.[3]
  • vess = A suffix often seen in names of mantid settlements, such as Manti'vess, Sra'vess and Klaxxi'vess. Mantid "Vess-Guard" would thus roughly correspond to "City-Guard".
  • thik = A suffix often seen in names of individual groups of mantid, such as the Ik'thik, Set'thik, Kor'thik, and so on.


  • The empress of the mantid is able to speak through every one of her subjects mentally. Her words are like a song, filling their minds, making her desires their subjects' desires.[1]
    • Ninil'ko the Bloodcaller, a Paragon of the Klaxxi, learned as an immature swarmborn that he could communicate and influence other mantid without words. When he projected his will, nearby mantid knew where to attack. When he hissed or clicked his mandibles, producing sounds such as "kss kss tk-tk-tk-tk", they knew when. He could send his soldiers in and out of combat at will, directing the flow of battle on an imperceptibly precise level. He had never explained the gift to anyone, not even to the Klaxxi. Ninil'ko didn't truly understand it himself. He wasn't sure if it was the sound that they responded to, or if he could influence them like the empress. Perhaps he was tapping into some ancient part of the mantid mind, some primal instinct left over after the Old One had bestowed them with clarity of thought and a higher purpose. Perhaps this was how the mantid had communicated long ago.[1]