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Were you looking for maps of places in the World of Warcraft or melee attack power?

In World of Warcraft, the term map usually refers to the world map, accessible from a map button on the minimap in the very top right corner (or using the default key shortcut: "M").

Sometimes people use the term 'map' when referring to the minimap or the Map & Quest Log.


Main article: Maps#Other Locations

UI mods[]

Atlas is a UI mod that grants access to maps that would normally not be available in-game. The package includes maps for all the instances, flight path maps and more. Be wary that those maps are NOT interactive (i.e. you cannot see your current position nor your teammates).

On the web[]

  • - Fullscreen interactive Google Map of WoW. All continents in 1 map, all veins and herbs. New marker sets are added weekly!