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Azeroth from the Chronicle.

Useful and interesting maps relating to World of Warcraft and the general Warcraft universe.

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Battle for Azeroth Kul Tiras

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Battle for Azeroth Zandalar

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Legion Argus

Legion Other shattered worlds

Warlords of Draenor Alternate Draenor

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Cataclysm Boat and Zeppelin Route Map

Some Zeppelin and Boat routes have changed since the Cataclysm Expansion (4.0.3a). The map below details the current active routes.

Note that the dotted paths refer to one-way single "Event" routes to Vashj'ir. After players initially use these to travel to Vashj'ir, the routes will no longer be accessible. Thereafter, players will have access to Vashj'ir via a portal in their faction's main city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind).


Warcraft Relations Map

Warcraft relations map

This is not a geographical map, rather, this is supposed to be a map of relations between the most important characters/clans/artifacts until the end of The Frozen Throne storyline. For all of you who are a bit confused by the tremendous amount of characters in the world of Warcraft.

There are several versions available — see the project page.

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