Image of Marasmius
Race Mushroom (Elemental)
Level 55-58
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Night
Occupation Transport network
Location Ardenweald

Marasmius is a sentient mushroom whose heart is in the Fungal Terminus that extends throughout Ardenweald through the roots of each dream tree,[1] serving as the transport network for the Night Fae Covenant. He is able to both connect to some of the pieces of Ardenweald that have broken off[2][3] and the Underweald deep beneath Ardenweald.[4] He is the origin of all mushrooms of Ardenweald, and perhaps all the Shadowlands.[5] At some point, he used to reside in the Heart of the Forest, but had chosen to leave until the adventurer begins helping restore Ardenweald and asks for his help.[6]

Though he technically exists across all of Ardenweald, underneath Ardenweald, and the pieces of Ardenweald that broke off, he appears normally in The Ring or the Fungal Terminus in the Stalks. He says he remembers the last time the Drust invaded Ardenweald, unlike everyone else.[7]

While Marasmius left Tirna Achiad long ago, the Chief Mushroomancer Cortinarius left the Heart of the Forest only at the start of the anima drought.[8]

Friendship and travel network

Much like NPCs from past expansions (and Ve'nari), Marasmius has his own reputation faction. All standings are gained via his daily quests, and more daily quests are unlocked at higher levels of the transportation network.

Initial unlock

After upgrading the sanctum to unlock the transport network, Zaki starts a quest chain to locate Marasmius and coax him back to the cause:

  1. N [60] A Mycelial Network
  2. N [60] Silence in the Stalks
  3. N [60] Mushroom For Improvement & N [60] Ring Repairs
  4. N [60] Fighting For Fungus
  5. N [60] My Way or the Hyphae
  6. N [60] Through the Veil


Accessed via the mushroom ring in the Heart of the Forest or at any of the locations in the field, Marasmius provides quick transport to the following locations:

Night Fae transport locations
Tier Location Coords Notable access
1 Heart of the Forest [46.3, 50.9] Sanctum
Forest's Edge [65.7, 60.3] De Other Side
The Stalks [29.5, 34.6] Humon'gozz
Stillglade [57.5, 42.6] Tirna Vaal
2 Banks of Life [49.4, 27.5] Glitterfall Basin
Elder Stand [26.4, 51.2] Western Tirna Scithe
Gormhive [53.3, 79.1] Gormhive
Deep Unknown [47.1, 55.9] Daily quests (no open world access)
3 Crumbled Ridge [73.7, 25.2] Heartwood Grove
Eventide Grove [41.1, 69.5] Darkreach
Tirna Scithe [20.3, 66.9] Oranomonos the Everbranching
Outer islands Various Daily quests (no easy open world access)
Oribos [59.9, 28.4] Oribos (one-way!)

Tier 1: Nurtured Roots

Marasmius asks for soil from various locations in Ardenweald, or he asks the Maw Walker to go on a bombing run with him to take out enemies in an area. Each daily quest is worth 350 reputation.

Tier 2: Fun with Fungi

At Tier 2, Marasmius asks the adventurer to travel with him to the Deep Unknown, where a different task awaits each day. Generally enemies need to be killed, but occasionally he wants the Maw Walker to take a break. Each iteration is worth 500 reputation.

Tier 3: Blossoming Network

At Tier 3, a portal to Oribos opens in the Heart of the Forest, and Marasmius asks players to travel with him to one of the remote islands at the far reaches of Ardenweald. The daily quest is worth 650 reputation.


After discovering the locations on Marasmius's daily quests, Zaki will sell portalbellos, encouraging the mushroom network to send the player to their requested location.

Tier Item Cost Location
2  [Root Cellar VIP Pass] 5g Root Cellar
 [Nibbled Portalbello] 5g Underweald (Gorm Matriarch)
 [Large Portalbello] 5g Underweald (Mushroom cave)
 [Healthy Portalbello] 5g Underweald (Wildseed cave)
3  [Withered Portalbello] 5g Arkelios' Solace
 [Glowing Portalbello] 5g Forgotten Retreat
 [Damp Portalbello] 5g Faraway Pools
 [Slender Portalbello] 5g Distant Grotto


Cortinarius, right next to Marasmius, is the quartermaster for the Marasmius friendship:

Cortinarius <Marasmius Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Ursine Soul] 1500 Reservoir Anima [Soulshape] form
 [Tiger Soul] 1500 Reservoir Anima [Soulshape] form
Sir Reginald (pet) 250 Polished Pet Charm Companion pet
Fuzzy Shimmermoth 250 Polished Pet Charm Companion pet
Fun Guss 250 Polished Pet Charm Companion pet
Honored  [Night Courtier's Branches] 3,500 Reservoir Anima Cosmetic back
 [Faewoven Bulb] 3,500 Reservoir Anima Cosmetic back
Revered  [Vibrant Flutterwing] 5,000 Reservoir Anima Mount
 [Enchanted Winterborn Runestag] 5,000 Reservoir Anima Mount
Exalted  [Arsenal: Winterborn Weapons] 30,000 Reservoir Anima Cosmetic weapon appearances

Other quests


Gossip changes with travel network progression and certain questlines.

Fungal Terminus
  • Traveling in my filaments is painless and quick. If you haven't lost your mind, I can give you a ride.
<There is a long pause.>
Plus, it tickles a little bit.
  • You young ones, always making such a loud racket. I can hardly grow in peace!
  • Come on now, I don't have all day. Lots of growing to do!
There was a time when hard work was valued in these parts. Of course, then she came along and got all fancy with her trees and groves. Nobody remembers old Marasmius. "Oh sure, use the network," they always say. And do I hear a word of gratitude? No!
<Somehow, Marasmius's grumblings seems to fade away into the distance despite him not moving at all.>
You know, not just anybody is allowed down here. Only my most trusted of mushroomancers can enter my home, the central point of the fae rings.
That means you! You're one of my mushroomancers now! Keep up the good work and great things are in your future, I just know it.
  • I've been down here for ages. I remember the early days, it was just me and the Queen herself. We kept awful busy back then. She's a real hard worker too...
Not like some of these louts these days. Always wanting to use the rings. Nobody ever asks the rings how they feel! Why, I ought to tell the Queen to get her subjects in order!
  • It's nice down here, isn't it? Peace and quiet. Just hard working mushroomancers like yourself and Cort over there. And me, of course. All workin' hard keeping Ardenweald up and running.
It's nice of you to pay me a visit. Not too many think of me these days, and you're always up for a good conversation. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate that.
Don't think that means I'm getting all soft on you though! Plenty of work to be doing!
If you somehow manage to get to one of the pieces of Ardenweald that have broken off into the In-Between surrounding the zone using a  [Goblin Glider Kit] or equivalent

You... I don't recognize you. How did you get all the way out here? Younglings these days...

I'm not sure how you did it, but you got yourself into quite a mess, eh? I'll take you back to Ardenweald proper, this time. Just because I'm old and nobody takes care of me anymore doesn't mean I won't help someone in a bind.

Gossip Take me back to Ardenweald please.


  • Even though he's named after the marasmius genus of fungi, known in Europe for forming fairy rings, he more closely resembles a cortinarius with his white stalk and purple cap, which have varying toxicity and do not form fairy rings frequently but are also known to do so.
  • Neither Marasmius himself nor his quartermaster, Cortinarius are actually part of the "Marasmius" faction - they both are tied to the Wild Hunt.
  • As the progenitor of all mushrooms in Ardenweald (and possibly the Shadowlands), he likely bears some relation to the Fungrets. Coincidentally, both likely inspirations for the "colors" of fungrets seen in the Shadowlands (red for Maldraxxus, blue and blue-green for Ardenweald, see the Fungret page for more details), as well as the namesake of Marasmius and Cortinarius, all belong to the fungal order Agaricales.

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