Marauders of Darrowshire

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NeutralMarauders of Darrowshire
Start Chromie
End Chromie
Level 41 (Requires 39)
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 4,600
Previous N [41] A Strange Historian
Next The Battle of Darrowshire


Bring 5 Resonating Skulls to Chromie at Crown Guard Tower in Eastern Plaguelands.


I require a rare reagent for the powerful spell I intend to cast: skulls from the scourge who took part in the battle of Darrowshire.

Take this crystal and hunt scourge champions for their skulls. The crystal is enchanted; if a champion took part in the battle, then when you pass the crystal over its skull it will resonate. Bring me those resonating skulls.

Go, <name>. You'll find scourge champions in the Fungal Vale to the north. Go.


Do you have the skulls? They are critical for my spell, which will give us the chance to save Darrowshire. Maybe.


Excellent work, <name>. Are you certain you haven't done this before?


  1. N [41] Little Pamela
  2. Both of the following, in either order:
  3. N [41] Uncle Carlin
  4. N [41] A Strange Historian
  5. All of the following, in any order:
  6. N [41] The Battle of Darrowshire
  7. N [41] Hidden Treasures

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