NeutralMaraudine clan
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall CentaurKhan.gif Khan Hratha †
IconSmall CentaurKhan.gif Maraudos †
Race(s) CentaurCentaur Centaur
Character classes Marauder, Priest, Scout, Shaman
Capital Maraudon, Valley of Spears
Theater of operations Desolace
Affiliation Independent
Status Active

The Maraudine clan (or simply the Maraudines)[1] of centaur were founded by Maraudos. One of the five main clans of centaur, they occupy and maintain the temple of Maraudon, a shrine to their ancient Khan and the procreators of the centaur in Desolace.

Some time after the Cataclysm, the Maraudine and other clans of centaur joined under the new High Khan.


Maraudine centaur in the Valley of Spears.

The Maraudine have a settlement in the Valley of Spears which is also the entrance to Maraudon; the tomb of Zaetar. Only the bravest and mightiest of the tribe's warriors are chosen to guard the tomb of Zaetar.




Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.


  • They are named after their first khan, Maraudos.
  • Majority of the Maraudine centaur fashion violet-colored armor.


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