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Location Valley of Spears, Desolace
Race(s) Cenarius's childrenCenarius's children Cenarius's children
CentaurCentaur Centaur
Satyr Satyr
End boss IconSmall Theradras.gif Princess Theradras
Advised level 10-30
Player limit 5 (10)
Outer Maraudon

Tinkerer Gizlock
Lord Vyletongue
Meshlok the Harvester (rare)


Inner Maraudon

Princess Theradras



The entrance to Maraudon.

Maraudon (pronounced MORE-uh-don)[1] is a 5-player dungeon, consisting of 3 wings (Purple Crystals, Orange Crystals, and Pristine Waters), located in the Valley of Spears in Desolace. It is a combination of ancient centaur burial grounds, as well as a primal temple dedicated to the elemental earth. Added in patch 1.2, Maraudon was the first dungeon to be added after the release of World of Warcraft. It originally had the level range of 45-52, but it was changed in Cataclysm to 32-39.


From the World Dungeons page on the official World of Warcraft Community Site:

Protected by the fierce Maraudine centaur, Maraudon is one of the most sacred sites within Desolace. The great temple/cavern is the burial place of Zaetar, one of two immortal sons born to the demigod, Cenarius. Legend holds that Zaetar and the earth elemental princess, Theradras, sired the misbegotten centaur race. It is said that upon their emergence, the barbaric centaur turned on their father and killed him. Some believe that Theradras, in her grief, trapped Zaetar's spirit within the winding cavern - used its energies for some malign purpose. The subterranean tunnels are populated by the vicious, long-dead ghosts of the Centaur Khans, as well as Theradras' own raging, elemental minions.

Dungeon Journal

According to legend, Zaetar, son of Cenarius, and the earth elemental princess Theradras begot the barbaric centaur race. Shortly after the centaur's creation, the ruthless creatures murdered their father. The grief-stricken Theradras is said to have trapped her lover's spirit within Maraudon, corrupting the region. Now, vicious centaur ghosts and twisted elemental minions roam every corner of the sprawling caves.

During the Elemental Unrest, the cavern was entered by the Horde and Alliance to kill Crown Princess Theradras.

Some time after, Maraudon received a new elemental leader. Aratas united the centaur tribes of Desolace and enslaved orcs near Maraudon. The Garad'kra of the Horde entered Maraudon to deal with Aratas and the elemental.[2]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Maraudon is a holy place to the centaur — it is the tomb of Zaetar, keeper of the grove and son of Cenarius, and the house of Princess Theradras, an earth elemental.[3]

Zaetar rejected his keeper heritage when he joined with the princess of the chaotic earth elementals, Theradras. Their unholy union gave birth to the misshapen and cursed centaur who promptly slew their father for his part in their misbegotten creation. Fearful of Cenarius' wrath, the grief-stricken Theradras sequestered her dead lover's body in her secret sanctuary, the Crystal Caverns of Terramok,[4] where she watches over him to this day. Travelers who come to Desolace have little trouble spotting Zaetar's tomb, for the blessing of nature that permeates his being transformed his resting place into a verdant paradise of flora and tranquil pools. Today, this tomb is now trodden by the hooves of Zaetar's children who have claimed this great cavern as their sacred stronghold Maraudon.

Within the tomb is a maze of underground caves and tunnels, populated by the spirits of the long-dead centaur khans. Earth elementals, basilisks, and rock borers also inhabit the site. It is rumored that satyrs and other emissaries of the Burning Legion have moved into these caverns as well.[3]

Although each of the five centaur tribes (known as Black tribe, Brown tribe, Green tribe, Red tribe, and Yellow tribe) maintained its own stronghold elsewhere in Desolace, this was once the region's capital (shortly after the Battle of Mount Hyjal,[5]) when there were no other cultures of any note in all of Desolace.[6] At that time, the centaur had run all others down in their unceasing lust for conquest. However, now that Desolace has no affiliation, and members of other civilizations have moved back in, it is only one of several major settlements.[7] Desolace no longer has a capital.[7]

Maraudon has a vast gathering of palatial tents surrounded by a palisade, the Valley of Spears, it once served as a cultural center and meeting place for all centaur.[8] However, in recent times, many of the centaur tribes are at war and now it is inhabited only by the Maraudine clan. They are the protectors of Maraudon and only the bravest and mightiest of the tribe's warriors are chosen to guard the tomb of Zaetar.[9]

Behind a series of spiked barriers in the center of this mesa stands Terramok, an ancient titan vault rumored to hold Theredras, former princess of the vile earth elementals and legendary mother of the centaur race. Some even claim that Theradras guards the tomb of her husband, the keeper of the grove killed by the first khans. The only permanent centaur resident is Krullaran the Prophet. The centaur of Desolace turn to the khans for protection, but they look to Krullaran for guidance. Many believe he communes with the titans and possesses insight to the glorious return that the centaur will someday make to the northern lands.[10] The name Maraudon may come from Maraudos.


Purple Crystals (32-35)

A smaller wing containing one boss, Vyletongue. Groups of non-elite imps patrol, so AOE capability can be handy. Some Satyrs use gouge, incapacitating the tank and causing all the monsters to attack the next person on the threat list. Warriors can use Berserking Rage judiciously to mitigate this. Vyletongue himself comes with stealthed guards, and randomly teleports around when you start fighting him.

Orange Crystals (35-37)

This wing's denizens are composed of slimes, plants, and dryads (mostly). Things to watch out for are some of the plants knockback abilities, and the oozes, which must be kited and killed by ranged DPS. These oozes have an aura which does a large amount of damage every three seconds. Bosses consist of Razorlash and Noxxion.

Pristine Waters (37-39)

The elemental shrine, consisting of many giants.




Earth Song FallsFoulspore CavernThe Noxious HollowPoison FallsVyletongue SeatThe Wicked GrottoZaetar's Grave

Quest guide

Quest name Quest giver Zone location
Alliance Alliance quests
B [32D] Adventurers Wanted: Maraudon Hero's Call Board Any Alliance Capital City
Horde Horde quests
B [32D] Adventurers Wanted: Maraudon Warchief's Command Board Any Horde Capital City
Neutral Neutral quests
N [10-30D] Corruption in Maraudon IconSmall Cenarian Male.gifNeutral Zaetar's Spirit Instance entrance
N [10-30D] Servants of Theradras IconSmall Cenarian Male.gifNeutral Zaetar's Spirit ---
N [10-30D] Princess Theradras IconSmall Cenarian Male.gifNeutral Zaetar's Spirit ---

Note: the last two quests (N [10-30D] Servants of Theradras and N [10-30D] Princess Theradras) are automatically started when you complete each of them through the new quest pop-up.


Maraudon bosses.

This is a quick guide to doing the Maraudon instance for Alliance characters. Horde information has been added where possible.

Quick run down

Maraudon can be split into several sections. At the start of the dungeon, you'll kill the mobs without blinking. You will eventually find an area with purple glowing rocks on the left, orange on the right. There is also a central entrance which takes you to the Princess, but for a full run-through, you won't do that at first. Following the rocks, you enter an orange area or purple area, which lead to orange and purple entrances to the instance.

You can do Orange or Purple Maraudon at level 32 or 33. On the other hand, the Princess requires at least a couple of level 39s. I can't emphasize this enough: bring ample AoE. There are a lot of points where you get attacked by a lot of non-elites, and AoE attacks are vital.

Orange side

A couple of notable things: the bright green Creeping Sludge move very slowly and hit very hard, so its best to stay out of melee range, with a tank kiting them, and have your ranged DPS take them out one at a time. These aren't very difficult to kite around since they do move very slowly. A few tips:

  • Melees should only attack mobs that are nearly dead
  • Ranged attackers should unload everything they got and kite. Arcane Missiles are really useful here.
  • Anyone with a slowing attack (including Mind Flay) should unload it on the leading mob.
  • It is possible to run away from these things forever. As long as you run in a circle. In the middle of a very bad battle, I saw a paladin get seven of these to follow him around the instance. We picked them off one at a time and prevented the wipe.

You've got to kill Noxxion for (N [10-30D] Servants of Theradras. About halfway through he will split up and spawn some non-elite elementals and will re-form after you've killed them.

After Noxxion, you must kill (Razorlash) for (N [10-30D] Servants of Theradras.

Purple side

Inside is a very easy instance that drops a lot of green AH fodder. Vyletongue himself has four stealthed guards. Two of them can be pulled without aggroing him. He's easy, anyway. He must be killed for N [10-30D] Corruption in Maraudon.

Do note, however, that the Satyrs can gouge your tank, which can be disastrous if you aren't prepared.

You'll notice that there's a lot of information about the orange side and not very much about the purple side. That is, quite simply, because the purple side is very easy in comparison.


You get to him either by pushing on in the orange or purple sides. A bit of an insane battle because he keeps summoning non-elites. A lot of AoE is the only way to go here. No more monsters will appear, so this bit is completely safe. Phew, now you're halfway through the instance. If you push on, you'll fall into a big lake.

The Princess

Prior to Patch 3.0.8, you could access the final part of Maraudon directly using the  [Scepter of Celebras] by bringing it to an alcove in the middle of the pre-instance area and using it. It would then open a portal to take you to the shallow part of Earth Song Falls. After the patch, the portal to Inner Maraudon is simply open to all without need for the staff.

The first part of this area is full of interesting bosses to kill, but they're all pretty easy apart from the Princess. The ordinary mobs present more of a challenge:

  • The basilisks in this area silence all the time. Casters should stand much further back than they usually do.
  • The rock elementals splinter and produce non-elites. AoE is very effective. Aggro management is essential if you don't want to kill your healers.

There are a lot of patrols. Always wait for them, because they'll wipe even a good group very fast. The worst is that you can get pincered at T junctions by patrols going different ways.

The princess herself is a level 39 elite, but has a kick like a mule. She has two main notable attacks. She fears melees quite a lot and has a large range AoE attack. Nature protection potions are extremely useful here. If your party is underlevelled, make sure you buy some before going after her. Although fast, she's very kitable. As long as you can stay away from her, a hunter or mage can pound away without difficulty. A good way of maximizing that is to actually have your ranged casters on opposite sides of her, although this can obviously cause problems for your healers. Important: Make sure you're not close to the edges, or else you can get knocked off and down into the river below.

Having killed her, you'll finish the quest N [10-30D] Princess Theradras.

Other interesting bosses

For details of the items these mini-bosses drop, see Maraudon loot.

A few other bosses need a mention as they drop blue items. Some, of course, are more interesting than others:

  • Rotgrip can be found by jumping off the waterfall after you kill the Princess. He's a big crocolisk that hits pretty hard but otherwise is pretty straightforward. You may want to pull him to surface to eliminate problems with breathing underwater.
  • Tinkerer Gizlock you can do by going up, past Zaetar's Grave, and clearing some non-elite snake clusters. He has a channeled fire attack that you can back away, but otherwise is straightforward.
  • Landslide is up in the central cavern, after you climb up several ramps and fight off a patrol and several stationary guards. He's tricky in that he summons additional non-elites rock fellows, but they all spontaneously combust if you kill Landslide, so kill Landslide as soon as possible while distracting the little guys. Also, he occasionally has an AoE stun attack which can be annoying.
  • Meshlok the Harvester is a rare spawn between the orange and purple zones who drops some very nice rogue/hunter armor. He is a little bugged and sometimes will be hard to see without using a "/target Meshlok" macro. He can be soloed by a skillful 49-52 rogue on a stealth run (bring some free action potions to prevent getting stunned).

Useful resistances

Just about everything in Maraudon uses nature spells or poisons. Equipping gear with good nature resistance isn't necessary but will make your life easier.

Against the princess, shadow resistance is helpful for the tanks to prevent the [Fear] effect. Once again, this is handy but not necessary.




Dungeon denizens


Bosses Monsters NPCs
  • Pre-instance part (Path to Inner-Maraudon entrance)
  • Pre-instance part (The Wicked Tunnels)
  • Pre-instance part (Foulspore Pools)


Main article: Maraudon loot



  • If player /camp (note that this boots you from your group) behind the final keeper of the grove spirit (after defeating Princess Theradras) and then log back in, it is possible to appear inside of the orange side of the instance and avoid having to hearth. Note that it may not work, leaving one group member stuck inside.
  • It is possible to run out of the instance after jumping down Earth Song Falls, simply follow the tunnel directly to the west of the falls. It will be full of Deep Borers and take you upwards towards the neutral turtles at the top of the falls. There is another smaller tunnel leading further up to Celebras. You do NOT have to hearthstone out, as is common belief.
  • Before patch 4.0.3a, Maraudon did not get many groups until the Dungeon Finder debuted, the biggest reason being that most people do not have a flight path to Desolace. This may be because most people between levels 30-39 head to Stranglethorn Vale instead of leveling in Desolace. Other reasons were that the instance was too far to get to even though it's possible to get there from Feralas. The instance itself is also very long to go through.
  • In the Dungeon Finder it is broken up in "Maraudon - Purple Crystals (30-40)", "Maraudon - Orange Crystals (32-42)" and "Maraudon - Pristine Waters (34-44)".

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Instance level range decreased to 32-39.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.3.0 (2005-03-07):
    • Capped at ten players.
    • Characters dying in the instanced portions of Maraudon will now correctly receive a corpse marker in the minimap and see the message letting them know that they need to enter the instance before they will be able to resurrect.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.2.0 (2004-12-18): Added.


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