AllianceMarco Heller
Image of Marco Heller
Title Captain
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Alliance navy
Occupation Captain
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Marco Heller was Captain of the Elwynn which was stationed off of the coast Tanaris due to the Horde presence in the area.

The Elwynn rescued Li Li Stormstout after she had been thrown overboard by the storm and Heller quickly realized she was not a spy, but his actions later indicated that anything she did that wasn't in the direct interest of the Alliance made him suspicious. The captain then consented to let her remain on board but warned she might have to fight if came down to it. During this time Heller had come to an agreement with the other captain in allowing for a diplomat to visit each and he appointed Baenan for the task after he volunteered. However, negotiations collapsed instantly when Heller's demand for the Horde to leave the area would not be immediately met and he preceded to take Nita prisoner.

He then brought Nita to the rest of the crew and lied that the tauren had attacked him. After learning that the Horde was demanding their surrender and that not complying would see Baenan die, Heller declared that if Baenan's life was forfeit then so too was Nita's. A confrontation erupted as Lintharel spoke in Nita's defense and with Li Li and Trialin aiding her, Nita was freed. Heller took advantage of the Horde ship exploding to run his sword through Lintharel for her "betrayal", but found his throat slit by Atropa before he could deal the death blow. Atropa was presumably also the one to throw Heller's body over the side afterward.[1]