Mardenholde Keep in World of Warcraft.

Mardenholde Keep is the fortress keep of the town of Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands, currently held by the Argent Crusade. It's from here that the town is controlled, and formerly the rest of the region.


Of Blood and Honor

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The paladin Tirion Fordring had ruled Hearthglen from Mardenholde for several years, and Arden was the captain of the keep's guards. Tirion and his six advisors would sometimes hold council in the council room. At the room's center sat a large oak table, covered by an immense map that displayed the lands of Hearthglen down to the most minute detail. Its dining hall was spacious, and it had an adjoining sitting room. The Fordrings had the bedroom in their private chambers.[1]

Mardenholde was the center of commerce and trade for the Alliance principality of Hearthglen. The citizens of Hearthglen took great pride in the fact that the keep's mighty walls had never fallen to invaders, even during the darkest days of the orcish invasion of Lordaeron. Some time before the Third War, the keep was overrun with traveling dignitaries and representatives from the various nations of the Alliance, who passed through Hearthglen on their secret diplomatic errands. Tirion feared that war was returning to Lordaeron.[2]

Lord Commander Dathrohan arrived to Mardenholde and met with Tirion in the council room to speak about the orc activity near Hearthglen. When Tirion was charged with treason for aiding the orc Eitrigg, leading him to be excommunicated and exiled, his deputy, Barthilas, became the next leader of Hearthglen before moving on to Stratholme.[3]


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Following Lordaeron's destruction in the Third War, the Knights of the Silver Hand was granted a base in Hearthglen. Surviving leaders like the Mograines, Saidan Dathrohan, and the Abbendis were meeting here, including when they discussed the death of Alexandros. Guards brought in Fairbanks who revealed a betrayal in their ranks. Saidan apprehended the priest, and Maxwell Tyrosus became suspicious of Fairbanks' words and left Hearthglen with his followers to form the Argent Dawn, while the remaining Silver Hand dubbed themselves the Scarlet Crusade.[4]

With the rise of the Scarlet Crusade, Mardenholde became the center of the Scarlet operations in the region, and was ruled by Highlord Taelan Fordring, Tirion's son.

World of Warcraft

With the help of Myranda the Hag, an adventurer was sent to infiltrate the keep and liberate Taelan from the influence of the Scarlet Crusade.[5][6]

After his victory in the war against the Lich King and the great Cataclysm that reshaped the world, Tirion Fordring retook Hearthglen and set up the base of operation for his soldiers.

Following the third invasion of the Burning Legion which led to Tirion's death, and the Fourth War, the dungeon is now a training ground for the troops of the Argent Crusade. Lieutenant Myner is the one who holds the keys to the treasures stored in the keep.[7]





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