Marg Nighteye

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HordeMarg Nighteye
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Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Horde
Occupation Spy
Location Loose Dirt found next to Swamplight Manor at Witch Hill in Dustwallow Marsh[55.4, 26]
Status Deceased

Marg Nighteye was spying for the Horde on Theramore soldiers. He observed some of them leaving Theramore and removing their uniforms, from this he assumed they were deserters. To gather more evidence he sent Uleg and Thargil to steal aboard the Bleeding Sparrow in hope of finding political documents that revealed the relations between Theramore and the Alliance. Uleg returned from his mission, after failing, and Thargil was captured. Marg sent Uleg to deliver the report to Nazeer, and stayed behind to watch and personally report any noteworthy events.

At some point he spied on a group of Alliance soldiers camped on the beach. One soldier wore a pendant crafted with great skill and precision, laden with more gems than any soldier could afford. Although Zor Lonetree states that "No orc would covet such a jewel", Marg did. He snuck into their camp and stole the pendant, but on his way back to the base a Muckshell makrura killed him.

How he came to be buried in the Loose Dirt found next to Swamplight Manor is unknown.

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