NeutralMargrave Krexus
Image of Margrave Krexus
Gender Male
Race Maldraxxi gladiator (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of the Chosen, Undying Army
Occupation Leader of the House of the Chosen
Location House of the Chosen and Vortrexxis, Maldraxxus
Status Deceased
Student(s) Alexandros Mograine, Draka

Margrave Krexus was the leader of the House of the Chosen, one of the five Necrolord houses of Maldraxxus. He was the strongest of the Chosen[1] and, unlike his fellow margraves Gharmal and Sin'dane, remained true to the purpose of the Primus[2] until he was betrayed and killed by his subordinate, Baron Vyraz.


Following the destruction of the House of Eyes, Draka arrived to the House of the Chosen to give Krexus a final message from her late lord, Margrave Akarek. The message stated "I offer the key to saving Maldraxxus". Draka was at first confused by this, telling Krexus that Akarek hadn't given her a key, but Krexus realized that Draka herself—being an unyielding warrior and master spy—was "a key to many things". The margrave told Draka that their enemies would strike soon and that they had to be prepared. Draka thus joined the House of the Chosen as one of Krexus' barons,[3] replacing Alexandros Mograine who had been lost to the Maw.[4]

When the Maw Walker arrived in Maldraxxus, their combat prowess in the Theater of Pain drew the attention of Krexus and his fellow remaining margraves, Gharmal and Sin'dane—the leaders of the House of Constructs and House of Rituals, who had betrayed the purpose of Maldraxxus by sending their forces to invade Bastion. Krexus accused Gharmal and Sin'dane of treason and ordered them to recall their forces, but they refused and a vicious battle broke out between the three houses while the margraves returned to their respective strongholds to prepare for war. Draka arrived shortly thereafter and rescued the Maw Walker from the arena[2] before taking them with her to the Chosen's stronghold.[1] Krexus and Draka subsequently retreated to the margrave's necropolis Vortrexxis to talk strategy while the Maw Walker was sent to prepare for battle with Krexus' second baron, Vyraz.[5] Krexus sensed great potential in the Maw Walker and soon commanded them to try reaching the standing stone in the citadel's central magma pool, a trial normally only done by the Chosen's most renowned soldiers. This resulted in the Maw Walker uncovering an unfinished blade hidden in the rock[6] and forging it into a powerful runeblade with the help of Bonesmith Heirmir.[7] Krexus subsequently summoned the hero to Vortrexxis, concluded that the five runes on the blade were the same as the ones on the Seat of the Primus, and sent his two barons and the Maw Walker to the Seat to investigate. The blade was revealed to be a key to the Seat, but Vyraz insisted that unlocking the fortress would do the Chosen no good if they lost the war against the other two houses.[8]

While the Maw Walker and Draka worked on recruiting allies to the Chosen's cause, Vyraz—who had secretly been in league with the House of Constructs and House of Rituals—betrayed Krexus by leading a construct attack on the Chosen and personally killed the margrave. After revealing his betrayal to the Maw Walker and the returned Alexandros Mograine, Vyraz claimed the mantle of margrave for himself.[9][10]


Margrave Krexus in World of Warcraft.



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  • At ease, soldier.
  • Begin your report.
  • Every soul must earn their place.
  • Maldraxxus exalts the strong.
  • Embrace challenge; conquer your trials.
  • Only fools rush in to oblivion.
  • Revel in your victories; be proud of what you achieve.
  • Stay true to the Primus.



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