Mark of Kil'jaeden

Spell shadow demonicfortitude.png250
  • Mark of Kil'jaeden
  • "Present this to the Aldor in Shattrath City to prove your slaying of a low-ranking follower of the Burning Legion."
  • Sell Price: 2 Silver.png

Mark of Kil'jaeden are the lowest form of reputation turnin for the Aldori. They can be turned in to Adyen the Lightwarden on the Aldor Rise for Aldor reputation if you are Neutral or Friendly with the Aldor.primarily drops from Cabal mobs that are found in the Bone Wastes in Terokkar Forest and the Kil'sorrow mobs at Kil'sorrow Fortress in Nagrand.

As a quest objective

Aldor and Scryer reputation tokens
Aldor Scryer Rep Notes
Spell shadow demonicfortitude.png [Mark of Kil'jaeden] Inv jewelry ring 23.png [Firewing Signet] 25 (x1) Until honored
Spell shadow demonicfortitude.png [Mark of Sargeras] Inv jewelry ring 36.png [Sunfury Signet] 250 (x10)
Inv misc desecrated plategloves.png [Fel Armament] Inv misc book 07.png [Arcane Tome] 350 Rewards Inv misc dust 06.png [Holy Dust] or Inv misc rune 05.png [Arcane Rune]
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