Marks of Kil'jaeden (quest)

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NeutralMarks of Kil'jaeden
Start Adyen the Lightwarden
End Adyen the Lightwarden
Level 65 (Requires 62)
Category Netherstorm
Experience 11000 EXP (or 6g 60s at level 70)


Bring 10 Marks of Kil'jaeden to Adyen the Lightwarden in Shattrath City. Completing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation level to decrease.


As you probably know, <name>, the Aldor are keepers of the Light and servants of the naaru.

Diametrically opposed to us are the agents of the Burning Legion - demons bent on the destruction of worlds and the corruption of the innocent.

If you wish to prove yourself to the Aldor, bring me the insignias of low-ranking Legion and their Shadow Council followers. We know of a Shadow Council hideout in the Bone Wastes and there are many Legion outposts in Nagrand and the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Do you bear any of our enemies' insignias, <name>?


Facing the demons of the Burning Legion and the mad cultists that worship them is no small feat, <name>.  You've shown great dedication and courage.  Keep it up and your renown among the Aldor will continue to grow.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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