This article is about the rank and its lore. For Alterac Valley strategy tips, see Marshal. For the title and pre-2.0 PvP rank, see Marshal (Legacy). For the Rated Battlegrounds title, see Alliance  [Marshal].

Marshal or Marshall[1] is a rank, mostly associated with the officers of the Alliance military,[2] followed by the ranks of Field Marshal and Grand Marshal. Sky marshal are airborne units and fire marshals extinguish fire.

In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, it is a rank you can achieve.

There is also an organization known as the Stormwind Marshals,[3] led by Lord Marshal Raynor, which seems to work as Stormwind's law enforcement when outside the jurisdiction of Stormwind City and its city guard. Smaller cities like Goldshire (Dughan), Lakeshire (Marris), Morgan's Vigil (Maxwell), Northshire (McBride) and Eastvale Logging Camp (McCree) are all protected by Stormwind Guard marshals who do not seem to operate as highly-ranked military commanders like described in the Alliance Military Ranks.





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