The Marshlands

The Marshlands is a vast marsh covering much of the southeastern Un'Goro Crater. This is often the first area encountered when entering the crater for the first time, as entering anywhere else from Tanaris would likely end in death. The marshes are inhabited by large amounts of raptors, some normal, some poisonous.

Nearby on a large mound are two quest givers, Torwa Pathfinder and Garl Stormclaw, who apparently traveled here on a canoe from some other location in the crater. On the opposite side is Mor'vek, a ravasaur trainer.

In the north, Ithis Moonwarden has setup a small camp watching over young bloodpetals.

This is the only area Blue Power Crystals can be found.

Marshlands Fossil Bank

Marshlands Fossil Bank map.jpg

The Marshlands area is a fossil archaeology dig site.

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