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Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Dark shaman
Affiliation(s) True Horde
Location Lion's Landing, Krasarang Wilds
Status Alive
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Mashok is one of the dark shaman left behind by Garrosh Hellscream on Pandaria after the destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


Under his command, a small group of dark shaman caused trouble by raiding both Horde and Alliance caravans. While his fellow dark shaman were spared, Mashok was eventually captured by Maraad and Lyalia, who decided to transport him to Lion's Landing. The journey was a long one, with both Alliance members wanting to avoid any Horde members on the off-chance that it would escalate tensions in the wake of the ceasefire after the Siege of Orgrimmar. Though captured and cut off from his power due to Shado-Pan shackles, Mashok still refused to give his name or what his abilities were to his captors.

While traveling the group was harassed by a group of virmen, though the timely intervention of Haohan Mudclaw and Mung-Mung forced them away. Haohan's repeated attempts to explain that the virmen would come back in greater numbers eventually forced Marad and Lyalia to stay in Haohan's house for the night, with the plan to continue their journey to Lion's Landing in the morning. When Mashok's fellow Dark Shaman attacked during the night, Mashok revealed his name and was able to escape his bounds. Lyalia and Maraad were aided against the Dark Shaman by members of the Tillers (Farmer Fung, Old Hillpaw, Gina Mudclaw, Haohan Mudclaw and Mung-Mung) who were all dining with Haohan at his house. While Lyalia and the Tillers faced off against the other Dark Shaman, Maraad and Mashok clashed with Maraad having the upper hand. However, the timely intervention of Zertin distracted the paladin and allowed Mashok to bind the elements to his will.

As he journeyed to the surface, Mashok destroyed Haohan Mudclaw's home and rooted everyone who opposed him, promising them that their land will burn. It all looked lost until Farmer Fung was able to successfully bait Mashok into revealing that not even the carrots would grow. This statement caused the virmen led by Hooktooth to rise up from the ground in order to prevent the carrots from being killed. An annoyed Mashok tried to order the elements to destroy the virmen but the elements refused to obey and Mashok was soon relentlessly attacked by the virmen.

Mashok was soon recaptured and was once more a prisoner of Maraad and Lyalia. The following morning he was transported to Lion's Landing on Haohan's cart.[1]