NeutralMass Milling Techniques
Start Professor Pallin
End Professor Pallin
Level 10-45
Category Inscription
Experience 16,150
Rewards [Recipe: Mass Mill Yseralline Seeds]
18g 60s


Find The Masterful Miller's Manual in Dalaran's inscription shop.


A number of my previous students have been vocal in their displeasure regarding milling. They find the process "repetitive", "mindless", and even "painful". Have they no respect for the time-honored traditions of inscription?

I suppose you count yourself among their number. Am I right? Very well. You've been a fine student so far, so I suppose there's no harm.

I have a book about mass milling somewhere around the shop here. Find it, and it's yours.


You will learn: [Recipe: Mass Mill Yseralline Seeds]

You will also receive: 18g 60s


Try not to make too big a mess.


That's it! Hmm... let's see...

<Pallin looks quickly through the pages of the old book.>

Not much in here that will help you with our Broken Isles herbs.

Wait, hold that thought. Look at this here...



After accepting the quest, N Inscription [10-45] An Embarrassing Revelation becomes available.

Inspect the books
Professor Pallin says: Not down here? Alright then, go ahead and use the ladder to check the upper scribrary.
Quest completion
Professor Pallin says: Don't give up hope, <name>. Keep milling, and inspect your inks for unusual properties. Together, you and I may be able to fill in the gaps where this book is lacking.


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