Master of Torment is awarded to players in Torghast, Tower of the Damned who take advantage of some of the torments and blessings randomly granted to them during a run.

 [Avenge Me!]
Drag an elite around while the "Avenger" torment is active until it gets 10 stacks of the buff, then finish it off
 [Crowd Pleaser]
Stand in a pack of weak enemies for 30 consecutive seconds while the "Claustrophobia" torment is active
 [No Doubt]
Don't kill or interrupt the Mawsworn Doubtcaller while the "Backup" torment is active
While the "Rampage" blessing is active, get to 10 stacks of Rampaging by quickly killing enemies, then add another kill every 10 seconds or so to hold the buff for 30 consecutive seconds

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