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The Masters' Gate area.

Masters' Gate.

The Masters' Gate[40, 73] is an area far to the southwest of the Temple of Earth, very near to the Twilight Terrace and the Quaking Fields. The Twilight's Hammer led by Haethen Kaul had unearthed a titan waygate which they intended to use to march into Uldum. They would then reconfigure the re-origination device to bring the end of all life on Azeroth, with the aid of the Tol'vir. Adventurers fortunately found a way to destroy the waygate before it was too late.

Haethen Kaul was also siphoning energy from the bound elementals, granting him unimaginable power, and making him "nigh invincible" according to both Prospector Brewer and Reliquary Jes'ca Darksun.


  • The equivalent waygate in Uldum is nowhere to be found in-game.


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This titan gateway might be how the earthen and stone troggs got to Deepholm from Uldum.

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