For the former warrior ability, see [Shield Discipline].
Mastery: Shield Discipline
Spell holy powerwordshield.png
Usable by
Class Priest
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Level learned 80

Shield Discipline is the Discipline priest Mastery, improved by the mastery stat. It increases the potency of [Power Word: Shield], [Divine Aegis] and [Spirit Shell], and also increases healing output.


Shield Discipline increases the potency of the damage absorption 'shields' cast by the priest, significantly improving and encouraging the use of these signature aspects of the Discipline repertoire. However, it also increases all healing spells.

By increasing the potency of Divine Aegis's protective shields, Shield Discipline potentially additionally improves every healing spell capable of achieving a crit, by granting not only increased healing, but an increased Divine Aegis shield should the heal crit. Along with [Enlightenment], this further emphasises the Discipline priest's synergy with critical strike.

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