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AllianceMaster Mathias Shaw
Image of Master Mathias Shaw
Title Leader of SI:7,
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Class Assassination rogue, Spymaster[2]
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind, SI:7, Stormwind Assassin's Guild, Uncrowned (allied)
Occupation Director of SI:7,[3] Champion and ally of the Uncrowned[4]
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Pathonia (grandmother)
Deceased mother,
Flynn Fairwind (lover)[5]
Student(s) Edwin VanCleef,[6] Tess Greymane[7]

“Subtlety and guile are our best weapons in this war.”

— Shaw in Battle for Azeroth

Master Mathias Shaw is the leader of Stormwind's intelligence service, SI:7, and master of spies.[8] He calls himself the master of all assassins.[9] His second in command is the goblin Renzik.[10]

As the master of SI:7 with a long career as spymaster,[11] Shaw specializes in gathering information and performing covert missions to ensure the Alliance's continued survival. His abilities as a rogue are matched only by his unwavering loyalty to Stormwind and the House of Wrynn. He fought in the third invasion of the Burning Legion after being rescued from the dreadlord Detheroc. In Battle for Azeroth, he serves as a major character in the Alliance's War Campaign.


World of Warcraft

Master Mathias Shaw before Cataclysm.

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Mathias Shaw was a childhood friend of Edwin VanCleef, and personally trained him as a rogue.[6]

Shaw is now the head of the organization known as SI:7, the agency of intelligence for the city of Stormwind, and in fact much of the Alliance. From his base of operations in the barracks of Old Town, he coordinates reconnaissance efforts for many agents of the Alliance regarding matters as far apart as the Defias Brotherhood to the Undead Scourge. Shaw is also a master of stealth and infiltration tactics himself, and specializes in operations involving the rogues in the employ of the Alliance. He is also a member or presumably the leader of the Stormwind Assassin's Guild.[6]

Mathias had directed SI:7 reconnaissance operations on Defias activities in order to help Alliance heroes hunt down the subversive traitors who seek to destroy Stormwind from within. He sent Agent Kearnen to Westfall to spy on Klaven's Tower and also sent five agents to investigate the missing corpse of Nathanos Marris.

Mathias owed Baros Alexston a favor but it is unknown what for.[12]

The Cataclysm era

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Master Mathias Shaw after Cataclysm.

After Moira Thaurissan kidnapped all dwarves in Ironforge, Mathias handpicked Owynn Graddock to accompany Varian Wrynn and other assassins of SI:7 through Deeprun Tram into Ironforge to liberate it.[13]

Mathias attended Remembrance Day in Stormwind City but was worried when Varian was missing for his speech. Shaw, Marcus Jonathan, and Jaina Proudmoore began searching for the king and prince of Stormwind.[14]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

At some point, he appointed Scout Mistress Yvonia to help the night elves in Stonetalon and sent Agent Kearnen to scout Helix Gearbreaker in Westfall.[15]

He also helped Anduin Wrynn with the investigation of the Twilight's Hammer Cult in the City.

Master Mathias Shaw is later sent to the Twilight Highlands to head the SI:7 operations there. In Dragonmaw Pass, he can be found coordinating with the red dragonflight on raiding Twilight Hammer caravans.[16] Afterwards, he has an adventurer lead a Highbank squadron to secure the Dragonmaw Gates.[17] Later he is found in the Twilight Citadel, awaiting SI:7 reinforcements, but his reinforcements were killed by Cho'gall, leaving the adventurer his only support. Together they kill the Citadel's Twilight Hammer assassins[18] and cultists,[19] assassinate influential Twilight Hammer candidates for ascension,[20] free Lirastrasza from capture[21] and aid the red dragon in finishing off Twilight dragons.[22] When the adventurer reports Forgemaster Finlay's warning about the Hammer of Twilight to Shaw, Shaw has his agents investigate.[23] After a while, he briefs the adventurer on the intelligence he received from his dead agents and tells them that the Hammer of Twilight is located in the Altar of Twilight, and in a struck of good fortune, Cho'gall is personally overseeing its construction.[24] Shaw, the adventurer, Kurdran Wildhammer, and Cassius the White lead an assault on the Altar of Twilight to confront Cho'gall, but it is revealed to be a trap. Cho'gall ordered Skullcrusher the Mountain to dispose of his enemies but with the help of the Wildhammers, the Alliance was able to defeat the gronn and force Cho'gall to retreat to the Bastion of Twilight.[25]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Just before the battle at the Broken Shore, SI:7 discovered that there was a trap set by the Burning Legion. Before they could warn the Alliance and Horde, Detheroc ambushed the SI:7 agents and captured Shaw before impersonating him. As Amber Kearnen was a witness to this, Detheroc had her killed before she could warn the Uncrowned.[26]

When the Night Watch is revealed to work for the Burning Legion and attacks Stormwind, Detheroc as Shaw puts the city under lockdown and tells Garona Halforcen and a Shadow of the Uncrowned that they are not allowed within the city. Despite this, Garona and the Shadow sneak their way through the city and slay Melris Malagan, leader of the cult's attack. Afterward, "Shaw" says that although the king was never in any danger, their success in stopping the cultist before even Shaw's own men could, would keep them out of prison at the very least. He tells them to leave the city before he changes his mind.[27]

After finding the corpse of Amber Kearnen in the sewers of Dalaran, the Uncrowned begins looking into SI:7's recent suspicious activities and discovers that "Shaw" was the one who ordered Kearnen's death. He hired the Red Blade pirates to do it, in exchange for the riches of Stormwind and access to Stormwind Harbor.[28] After Valeera Sanguinar deciphered an encrypted letter that Kearnen had held, the Uncrowned discovered the man they thought was Mathias Shaw was, in fact, an impostor. Taoshi decided to find and save the real Shaw in order to expose Detheroc.[29]

Mathias and Taoshi attacking Detheroc

Taoshi and a fellow Shadow of the Uncrowned infiltrated Felsoul Hold, with bombs provided by Marin Noggenfogger serving as cover. They found and located Shaw, returning him to the Hall of Shadows.[30][31] After being saved, Shaw revealed to the Uncrowned that Detheroc had told lies to Anduin Wrynn about the Horde and had manipulated the new king into preparing Stormwind's armies to attack the Horde, thus beginning another conflict between the Alliance and Horde when the world could least afford it. To cover his tracks, Detheroc had put up wanted posters of the members of the Uncrowned all over Stormwind, claiming they had conspired with the Burning Legion and thus turned Stormwind's citizens and guards against them. An adventurer, Taoshi, and Shaw were brought to Stormwind under the cover of night by Fleet Admiral Tethys and sneaked their way to SI:7 headquarters, where they exposed Detheroc and defeated him.[32][33] In the aftermath, while Shaw does not join the Uncrowned due to his position as leader of SI:7, he does enter into an alliance with them to assist whenever asked.[34]

The Wound

Shaw, Anduin and Genn discussing about the strange nature of the [Azerite].

Many months later Sargeras, the lord of the Legion, was defeated, but not before he managed to heavily wound Azeroth in Silithus. King Anduin Wrynn ordered Shaw to investigate the destroyed land and report back.[8] When the new king was giving a speech at Lion's Rest celebrating the Legion's defeat, Shaw hurried to meet with him and King Genn Greymane with worrying news: many goblins had been sighted in Silithus mining an unknown substance.[35] Shaw then sent Alliance adventurers to meet with SI:7 in Silithus.

He later appeared on the Skyguard above the Seething Shore, where he oversaw the fight against the Horde.

Before the Storm

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Mathias Shaw briefed King Anduin Wrynn's advisers about the information SI:7 garnered about Azerite during the conferences King Anduin held about the subject. He also remained neutral when King Anduin proposed the Gathering. He noted that his information about the Desolate Council indicated that the idea would be extremely well received by them, but also that they did not represent the majority of the Forsaken.

War of the Thorns

Mathias Shaw oversaw the operation to saturate Orgrimmar with SI:7 agents and relayed the information they garnered to King Anduin Wrynn and the other Alliance leaders. His agents reported that there has been a disagreement between Nathanos Blightcaller and High Overlord Varok Saurfang regarding the deployment of troops. Saurfang was said to have wanted an army deployed to Silithus, while the Blightcaller regarded it as a waste of resources. The Alliance leaders believed that the discord indicated that the Horde had weaponized Azerite and were planning to secure a monopoly of the mineral in Kalimdor. High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind had begun to secretly amass a night elf army in Feralas to intercept the Horde forces should they march to Silithus. Shaw later reported a public fistfight between Nathanos and Varok. Nathanos' subsequent reprimanding seemed to confirm the Alliance leaders' suspicions of the Horde's capability to make Azerite weapons and that Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner had endorsed Saurfang's Silithus campaign, which consequently caused the Alliance leaders to deploy the night elven army to deter them.[36]

It was later discovered to be a ruse, however, and the Horde had used the opportunity to invade Ashenvale Forest instead. After discovering the Horde invasion, Shaw redirected bands of adventurers to aid in Ashenvale's defense until Alliance reinforcements arrive.[37]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Mathias can be found aboard the Wind's Redemption docked at Boralus in Kul Tiras. He was charged with establishing an elite strike force to assist Halford Wyrmbane and the 7th Legion from the shadows as they worked to secure the Alliance's position on Zandalar and Kul Tiras.[38]

Shaw later worked with Flynn Fairwind to retrieve the Abyssal Scepter, a stolen tidesage artifact, from the Zandalari treasury. At first, he didn't get along with Flynn, not appreciating his quips, but seemed to warm up to him by the end of the scenario. Once the real scepter was taken and swapped out with a fake one, they made an escape from Opulence.[39]

In the Underhold.

In Nazmir, the Alliance began a feint attack led by Blademaster Telaamon to bait the Horde out of Zuldazar, while the Alliance prepared to attack Dazar'alor. They would cover the area in a mist with the Abyssal Scepter, and until it was set up Jaina and Shaw provided support for Telaamon's forces.[40] Afterward the two of them led the Alliance forces to get as much of Nazmir as they could, to make the Horde think it was where their main fleet was.[41]

After Varok Saurfang escaped from the Stormwind Stockade, Shaw traveled to the Three Corners in Redridge Mountains and told the guards there to take the night off, providing them with plenty of alcohol to drink. Once they were drunk, they missed Saurfang passing by. Shaw also provided plenty of gold for more guards to stay at the Lakeshire inn and gave them orders to guard the roads from there to the Burning Steppes. However, Saurfang was traveling along the southern roads of Redridge, not the north.[42] Dark Ranger Lyana accused Saurfang of conspiring with the humans,[43] which Shaw's actions seem to support though it is unknown if Saurfang knew about what Shaw did.

Mathias asked Flynn to watch out for any intelligence regarding the  [Fluctuating Worldvein].[44]

He was later present on the Kul Tiran warship in Stormwind Harbor with the other Alliance leaders to witness the Kul Tirans gifting the vessel to Anduin and rejoining the Alliance.[45]

After Alliance spies caught wind of Sylvanas Windrunner planning to assassinate Baine Bloodhoof, Anduin sent Jaina, Shaw, and an Alliance champion to rescue Baine.[46] As Shaw and his allies ventured into the Underhold, they unexpectedly encountered Thrall and Varok Saurfang, who had also come to rescue Baine, and after a brief moment, agreed to work together to save Baine. When things started getting heated between Saurfang and Shaw, Jaina and Thrall were quick to get them focused on the task at hand. Upon nearly reaching Baine, the group was attacked by Rowa Bloodstrike, who expressed disappointment but not surprise by Saurfang's and Thrall's decision to rescue Baine. Unwilling to stand down, the group was forced to kill Rowa and moved forward to Baine, who was surprised by their presence. Shaw moved to release Baine from his chains and realized on examining the locks that they were warded against magic, which meant only his lockpicking skills would work. Saurfang remarked that it felt too easy and the group was then attacked by Magister Hathorel, who sought to kill them and Jaina in particular for vengeance for the purge of Dalaran. Ultimately, the group was successful in protecting Shaw long enough to free Baine, and Jaina teleported the group safely out of Orgrimmar into Mulgore.[47] Shaw assisted Baine in getting to his feet while Jaina and Thrall talked privately, and afterward he and Jaina departed via teleport in order to report the mission's success to Anduin.[48]

He was present during the assault to Orgrimmar in which Varok Saurfang fought and died against Sylvanas Windrunner in mak'gora. Following Sylvanas' ousting from the Horde, Mathias returned to the Wind's Redemption to lead SI:7's efforts in hunting Sylvanas and her agents in the Eastern Kingdoms. King Genn Greymane shared with Mathias his concerns about how not only are Sylvanas and her agents still at large but also how the Horde has become united once again. Shaw suggested they watch the Horde closely and inform King Anduin if there is a need for action.

Mathias Shaw and Valeera report to Anduin Wrynn on their search for N'Zoth.

As the Alliance and the Horde defeated Azshara, and in the process let N'Zoth free from its prison, the Alliance had to consider how to deal with the new threat looming. Mathias Shaw and his agents of the SI:7 were ordered by King Anduin to track down the Old God, but their research led nowhere. In order to calm the furious King, the Spymaster announced alongside Valeera Sanguinar that his agents were doing everything they can, before announcing the arrival of Magni Bronzebeard accompanied by an advisor, who is none other than Wrathion.[49]

After the Fourth War came to a close, Valeera asked Shaw what was next for him, prompting him to say that there was someone he'd like to get to know better. Valeera encouraged him to find happiness while he could.[50]

Shadows Rising

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Shaw joined King Anduin Wrynn in horse riding to Westfall, as the young king dealt with feeling crushed over the knowledge that Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage had decided to remain in Nordrassil, while leaving all of his missives unread. After hearing explosions, the pair investigated and discovered that Jago had taken advantage of a farmer's son hospitality near Saldean's Farm by using the barn to brew moonshine, which had caused the explosion that destroyed building's roof. Upon seeing Anduin, Jago tried to attack the young king, blaming him for not stopping Sylvanas at the Gathering. Jago was intercepted by Mathias and passed out soon after. Shaw and Anduin soon departed for Stormwind.

After receiving word suggesting that Banshee loyalists were within Zandalar, Shaw was sent to gather further intelligence on the matter. In light of the storm brewing as the Bold Arva sailed, Flynn directed Shaw below deck, declaring that Shaw didn't have the sea legs for it and that he was too drunk. While below deck, Shaw received messages from Swailes from his agents Narsilla Keensight and Krazzet. When Flynn learned who the messages were from, he declared it very paranoid of Shaw. While acknowledging that they signed an armistice with the Horde, Shaw pointed out that it doesn't mean that they weren't watching them. He then stated his belief that only a fool mistakes peacetime for complacency.

Flynn then asked what was happening within the Horde, and Shaw revealed that an assassination attempt was made on Queen Talanji of the Zandalari Empire at a Horde Council meeting. While Shaw was pleased to have had eyes on the assassination, Flynn wondered if the storm around Zandalar was caused by Talanji as a way to keep the whole island on lockdown, with nobody going in or out until they found the assassins. Unbeknownst to them, the storm had been created by Apari, the leader of the Widow's Bite who was behind the assassination attempt on Talanji, as a means to isolate her.

As the mission progressed Shaw found himself bonding with Flynn and greatly sympathized with the other man when he learned that Flynn witnessed his mother's death by hanging for thievery. After landing on Zandalar to avoid the storm, Flynn suggested making their way to Fort Victory. However, Shaw revealed that after the armistice with the Horde was signed, they ceded control of those encampments and that any sign of them on Zandalar shall be taken as an act of aggression. In light of this knowledge, Flynn's first order of business was to hide their ship. Though Shaw privately thought it was wiser to stay abroad the ship, he consented to the group going on land, understanding that morale was low and a brief stint on land always did a sailor good.

After disembarking the ship, Shaw spied on a Widow's Bite camp and upon investigating it, he discovered evidence suggesting that the group was in working with the Banshee loyalists. He then ordered Flynn to get the ship ready to sail, while he gathered more evidence only to end up captured by the Zandalari. While a distressed Flynn and the crew made it with all haste to Kul Tiras in the hopes of getting rescue for Shaw, the spymaster was thrown into a cell within Dazar'alor.

When he requested an audience with Queen Talanji, he was ignored as she was focused on combating the Widow's Bite unaware of the information that Shaw held. While in his cell, he noted that the Zandalari really committed to the theme by even having their prisons made of gold. He was also never unsupervised, making escape attempts rather difficult. Thus, he took to trying to speak with the guards only to be generally ignored. During these attempts, he stumbled into a truth that he hadn't meant to bungle into; he desired a partner. As such, he decided that when he got out of prison that he would ask Flynn out and fantasied about the different conversations they could have. In time, he would refer to this as a little vacation.

After the Horde and Zandalari defeated their enemies, Shaw, to his surprise, was released by the Horde leadership with no strings attached. The only request of him was from Thrall, who wanted him to take the imprisoned Sira Moonwarden and deliver her to Tyrande Whisperwind, along with a letter. Upon arriving in Stormwind, Shaw was met with Anduin, Jaina Proudmoore, and Flynn, who wrapped him in a tight warm hug, and Mathias returned the gesture. Shaw then revealed that there was something that he wanted to talk about with Flynn and asked him to meet at the Gilded Rose that night, causing the other man to blush which said all that Shaw needed to know.

His personal desires done, Shaw returned to business and delivered Sira to Anduin and Jaina. When Anduin tried some magic to make Sira tell him where Sylvanas was, the fear on Jaina's face shook Shaw to the core.[51]

Terror by Torchlight

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After they returned from Zandalar, Flynn and Mathias barely interacted with each other until one day when Flynn won a treasure map of Duskwood in a card game and convinced Shaw to come with him for an adventure and a bit of fun. Near the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, the two came across the Night Watch commander Sarah Ladimore suffering from a mysterious rotting illness and brought her back to Darkshire, where she revealed that she had been attacked while investigating a report that the Torch of Holy Flame—an artifact used to keep the undead of Duskwood at bay—had gone missing from where it had been placed on Forlorn Rowe. During the conversation, more injured Night Watchers arrived and revealed that an army of undead was heading from Raven Hill to Darkshire.

Flynn and Mathias set out for Raven Hill on gryphonback. Along the way they passed over the Twilight Grove and agreed that they would head to a moonwell for their next, more peaceful adventure. Upon reaching Forlorn Rowe, the two rogues quickly discovered the culprit responsible for stealing the torch, a human necromancer, and (after Mathias offered some encouraging words to his companion) followed her down into the Dawning Wood Catacombs while avoiding detection by her undead minions. In the deepest level of the crypt, they found the necromancer attempting to corrupt the torch within a ritual circle. Mathias revealed himself and began talking with the necromancer to distract her while Flynn used rum from one of his bottles to wash away the bone powder making up the circle. While Mathias attacked the necromancer, Flynn grabbed the torch and realized that it could be cleansed of corruption in a moonwell. The necromancer managed to curse Mathias with the same rotting disease that had afflicted Ladimore, but the two rogues used their blades and the torch to fight their way out of the catacomb and used one of the Night Watch's left-behind gryphons to escape to the Twilight Grove. The necromancer pursued them on her winged undead horse and blasted them off their gryphon as it came down to land in the grove. Although his skin was now covered in sores, Mathias declared he'd keep the necromancer busy while Flynn purified the torch. While Shaw and the necromancer fought, the latter demoralized her opponent by revealing that dark wings would come to take away what the spymaster held most dear. Moments later, however, Flynn plunged the torch into the moonwell, reigniting it and allowing him to use it to set the necromancer aflame and kill her.

With the necromancer's death, the illness affecting Shaw and Ladimore vanished. The Torch of Holy Flame was returned to Forlorn Rowe, and Ladimore commended the two rogues for saving Duskwood, to which Shaw replied that it was mostly thanks to the Night Watch, and that he would send Stormwind guards as reinforcements after the necromancer hinted that the threat was not over. As they didn't get to complete their treasure hunt, Mathias gave Flynn's map to the Night Watch, and the watchers returned with the treasure as a gift to the rogues: a hand mirror. Afterward, Mathias told Flynn that there were many powerful artifacts like the torch scattered across the world and that King Anduin frequently sent him to check up on them. With Azeroth relatively quiet for the time being, it was time for Shaw to go on an inspection trip—and he wanted Flynn to come with him on the journey. When Flynn asked why, Mathias simply responded "Because I trust you". Flynn agreed, and the two kissed.[52]

Exploring Azeroth

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By agreement of King Anduin Wrynn, Shaw was granted a temporary leave to travel through the Eastern Kingdoms in order to write up reports on its people, on its places, to inventory some powerful artifacts and ensure that they are safe, but also to meet contacts of the Spymaster to collect as much information as possible on the situation of the continent. Flynn joined him, claiming to "prove my worth by assisting the Spymaster and his right Royal Majesty King Anduin."[53]

For the sake of their mission and relations between the two factions, the duo obtained permission from the Horde Council, signed by Baine Bloodhoof, to pass through Horde territories without being attacked.[54]

Following their mission, Shaw and Flynn managed to find the lost crown of the late King Terenas Menethil II, buried in a secret memorial behind the Stormwind Lighthouse. The duo believes it was done by Lordaeron refugees who buried it there, so the survivors of Lordaeron would have a place to mourn their king, and that neither Arthas nor anyone can ever find the crown. After verifying and confirming the presence of the crown, they buried it once more and agreed to continue keeping the secret, without telling Anduin anything about it.[55]

Death Rising

Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Following the abduction of Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore by the Mawsworn, Shaw called for Alliance champions to meet with him, Genn Greymane, and other allies to discuss the matter. Shaw initially blamed himself for the kidnapping, out of misplaced guilt, before resolving himself to only hold Sylvanas Windrunner accountable as it was done at her command. Meanwhile, in Anduin's absence the House of Nobles supported the appointment of Turalyon as the regent and protector of Stormwind, a decision that Shaw misliked as he believed that Genn should be in command but bowed to Greymane when the later said he would respect the decision.[56]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Stormwind 62 4,215
Twilight Highlands 85 79,870
Twilight Highlands 85 774,900
Twilight Highlands 85 1,278,585
B Rogue [10-45] The Unseen Blade 100 4,952,340
B Rogue [10-45] The Unseen Blade 100 3,365,231
N Rogue [45] The Imposter 110 8,314,140
Hall of Shadows 110 10,392,670
Seething Shore 110 1,643,000
A [10-50] Tides of War 120 864,600


  • Spell nature nullifypoison.png  Deadly Poison — Inflicts Nature damage to an enemy every 6 sec. for 12 sec.


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The Uncrowned campaign
The Wound
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Stormwind City
Dragonmaw Pass, Twilight Highlands
Twilight Citadel, Twilight Highlands

Removed quests

Master Mathias Shaw pre-Cataclysm

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World of Warcraft

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Welcome to SI:7 headquarters, <name>.



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Mathias Shaw in Hall of Shadows.

Hall of Shadows

The Uncrowned must strive to undermine the Burning Legion in all the ways we do it best: artifice, guile, deception, and of course, politics.

Until the Legion is defeated, our continued cooperation is my highest priority, <name>. I trust that it is yours as well.

  • We fight in the shadows.
  • What needs done?
  • It's Shaw. Mathias Shaw.
  • I thought I saw you glance in my direction.
  • I have ways of making you not talk!
  • I've killed people for less than this!
  • Drink this, it'll make me feel better.
  • I'll have my people talk with your people. Sound good?
  • Sleep with one eye open.
  • The SI:7 is my cover. Don't blow it.
  • The job's not done yet.
  • Look to the shadows.

Combat ally

  • Target acquired.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Taking out the target.

Battle for Azeroth

Main article: Time for War (Alliance)#Notes
Gossip in Boralus Harbor

We have little time to waste. What is required?

Workorder I require reinforcements.

Conversation with Halford Wyrmbane on the Wind's Redemption
  • Gossip <Stay a while and listen.>
Halford Wyrmbane walks over to Master Mathias Shaw.
Master Mathias Shaw says: How many campaigns against the Horde does this make for you, Wyrmbane?
Halford Wyrmbane says: I've stopped counting. I go where the Alliance orders me... and where the Light calls me. But then, you are no stranger to battle.
Master Mathias Shaw says: SI:7 was built to work behind the scenes. I prefer to stay in the shadows where I am not so... exposed.
Halford Wyrmbane says: I must admit... as a paladin, I have questioned the need for spies and assassins within the ranks of the Alliance. But the honor and loyalty you have shown our king is beyond question.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Kind of you to say, but if I had to choose between satisfying honor and getting the job done, I'll pick the latter every time. For the Alliance, of course.
Halford Wyrmbane says: Oh, of course.
Halford Wyrmbane walks back to his post.
In Vol'dun
  • Gossip <Stay a while and listen.>
Master Mathias Shaw walks over to Halford Wyrmbane.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Tell me, Wyrmbane, how does a paladin come to lead a force of elite soldiers? Shouldn't you be off consecrating temples or some such?
Halford Wyrmbane says: I served as a knight when the Silver Hand was founded. I was dubious that priestly orders could mix with martial skills, so I remained focused on my combat training.
Halford Wyrmbane says: But the more I observed those first paladins, one in particular inspired me... Turalyon. His faith sustained him, fueled his dedication, and made him a great leader.
Halford Wyrmbane says: When he left with the Alliance Expedition to Outland and was presumed lost, the Light opened my eyes. I realized I could be both a soldier and a paladin. I vowed to honor his sacrifice.
Master Mathias Shaw says: When you learned that Turalyon was alive, did it cause you to question your devotion? Your choices?
Halford Wyrmbane says: Quite the opposite. To witness Turalyon's return, and to learn how the Light had sustained him, transformed him, only strengthened my resolve. I know my faith was well placed.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Your faith in the Light? Or in Turalyon?
Halford Wyrmbane says: The Light will endure long after we are gone. But when this war is over, what will you be left with, Shaw?
Master Mathias Shaw says: The next war. And the one after that.
Master Mathias Shaw walks back to his post.
Gossip at Stormwind Embassy

It's good to be back in Stormwind. Kul Tiras has its charms, but these walls will always be home.

In the TCG

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Word of your deeds has spread far and wide, rogue. So far, in fact, that Stormwind Intelligence has asked for you by name.[57]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Master Mathias Shaw is a rogue human and the leader of the Stormwind Assassins. He is a young man to lead such a powerful organization, but the 33-year-old is not daunted. He has deep brown eyes and is diminutive, very unassuming for a guild leader of assassins. Her grandmother, Pathonia, was his predecessor, and unbeknownst to him, Waltion Freemore is his grandfather.

Shaw does not trust the Church of the Holy Light, knowing they do not fully trust the Assassins.[58]


Mathias' mother was a First Finger assassin who died on the job when he was 4 years old. He grew up at Grandmother Pathonia's knee, as she did not see fit to lie to him about her mother's death or his family's business. She trained him for the job since he was an infant, testing his speed and dexterity on a physical level and making sure he understood the difference between doing what was right and doing what was necessary, and how those two do not always mix. He was the youngest member of the guild when his grandmother made him a Fourth Finger at the age of 10, and he worked his way up slowly, spending much more time in the various levels than most. This worked very well for him, as he knows intimately what is done at every level, and what is needed in new recruits. His first kill was the target his mother had failed to eliminate.

When his grandmother passed control to him on his 30th birthday, choosing to retire instead of die and leave things in disarray for him, he eagerly took the reins. Mathias attempted to make improvements on her designs, but after a couple of months finally had to accept that her design was flawless, and he simply needed to run the already well-oiled machine. The rest of the members are familiar with how Pathonia wished the organization to be run, and they often steer the young Mathias on the correct path.

When Stormwind found the Stockade filled with hapless, eager-faced thieves, King Anduin Wrynn approached Mathias and demanded he did something about it. Mathias assigned the Fourth Finger of the Stormwind Assassins to recruit the best of them.[58]

RPG notes

  • Although Mathias is said to be 33 years old, the same RPG also states his grandmother gave him control over the Assassins when he was 30 after she retired. But this is stated to had happened ten years ago, not three.

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