MobMatis the Cruel
Image of Matis the Cruel
Title <Herald of Sironas>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Level 1-30
Class Blood Knight
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sunhawks (Burning Legion)
Occupation Lieutenant of the Sunhawks, Herald of Sironas
Location Patrols the road east of the Vector Coil, Bloodmyst Isle
Status Deceased
Companion(s) Matis's Mount (mount)

Matis mounted

Matis the Cruel is a wandering blood elf located on the road east from the Vector Coil in western Bloodmyst Isle. His capture is required for A [1-30G] Matis the Cruel.

Matis is the lieutenant of the man'ari eredar Sironas, the commander of the Sunhawks — the blood elves who battled the draenei for control of the Exodar, and are now attempting to retake it. Upon finding  [Galaen's Journal] and discovering that Matis was responsible for the torture of Vindicator Kuros's mentor —Vindicator Saruan— Vindicator Kuros gives the player a flare gun and a contingent of his finest hunters in order to capture Matis, who patrols from the Vector Coil.[1]

Following his capture, he began to insult Velen, declaring that he and his order did not serve the Light, but that it was the Light that served them. He ends up confessing to Kuros that they already knew everything about O'ros, and that they would also capture her to make her their slave, before expressing the sadistic pleasure he had felt torturing Saruan, and that he would have liked to continue until death as for all other draenei. It was upon hearing these words and blasphemies that Velen, who oversaw the trial, sentenced him to execution.[2]


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