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Matriarch Ta'dolla

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NeutralMatriarch Ta'dolla
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Title <Cartel Ta>
Gender Female
Race Broker (Humanoid)
Level 59
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Cartel Ta
Location Hall of Curiosities, Oribos
Status Alive

Matriarch Ta'dolla is a broker. She leads Cartel Ta. She will occasionally portal in to the Hall of Curiosities in Oribos.


Matriarch Ta'dolla appears through the teleporter.
Stablehand Ta'shno says: Matriarch Ta'dolla. Welcome!
Matriarch Ta'dolla says: Spare me the pleasentries[sic]. Have either of you seen Ta'vini?
Stablehand Ta'shno says: No, Matriarch. Not me.
Keeper Ta'saran says: Nor I, Matriarch.
Matriarch Ta'dolla says: You had best not be covering for him!
Keeper Ta'saran says: We would never do that, Matriarch.
Stablehand Ta'shno says: Never.
Matriarch Ta'dolla says: I'll be going then. I expect you to send word if he shows up.
Keeper Ta'saran says: Of course, Matriarch.
Matriarch Ta'dolla portals back out.
Stablehand Ta'shno says: Remind me. Why do we cover for him again?
Keeper Ta'saran says: We are cartel associates. Or as the mortals like to say... family.


  • During early alpha, her name was spelled "Ta'Dolla", and she had the <Broker> title.

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