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This article is about the Shadowlands zone. For the quest, see N [53-60] The Maw. For other uses, see Maw (disambiguation).
NeutralThe Maw
Level: 50 - 60
Press Kit - Maw
Capital(s) Mob Torghast
Races IconSmall MawGuard Maw guard
IconSmall MawCaster Maw caster
IconSmall Soul Soul
IconSmall MawShadeIconSmall MawShade2 Shade
IconSmall MawswornIconSmall Forsworn MaleIconSmall Forsworn Female Kyrian
IconSmall MawNecromancer Maw necromancer
IconSmall CharredBehemoth Charred behemoth
IconSmall NecrolordIconSmall Gladiator FemaleIconSmall Lich2 Maldraxxi
Ruler(s) IconSmall TheJailer2 Zovaal the Jailer †
Major settlements Mob The Tremaculum
Mob Perdition Hold
Mob Desmotaeron
Minor settlements Neutral Ve'nari's Refuge
Affiliation Mawsworn
Location Shadowlands
PvP status Contested territory

The Maw, Wasteland of the Damned,[1] is one of the realms of the Shadowlands. This horrific place houses the most vile and irredeemable souls in existence. Ruled by the enigmatic Jailer, the Maw inspires nightmares and legends even among the denizens of the Shadowlands. No one has ever escaped this vile place, and any foolish enough to venture here are never heard from again. At its center lies Torghast, a cursed otherworldly prison where the most wicked souls in the universe are locked away.[2][3] In recent years, the machinery of Death has been broken, and all souls who enter the Shadowlands are now condemned to torment in the Maw, no matter their deeds in life. This has caused the Maw to begin growing larger and more powerful while the rest of the Shadowlands wither from a lack of anima. The Maw is antithetical to Oribos.

The Maw is a max-level zone designed for exploration and (somewhat) open-ended play, without settlements or inns to let players catch their breath.

Patch 9.1 added new areas to the Maw with Korthia[4][5] and Helgarde Keep.


Maw guard concept

Concept art of Mawsworn.

In the deepest depths of the Shadowlands lies the inescapable Maw. The wretched souls imprisoned in this hopeless realm are the unforgiven and irredeemable.[6] They are imprisoned forever and suffer without end,[7][8] until they are twisted into a mere shade of their former glory. It is then that the tormented willingly serve their tormentor.[9]

Normally, few souls are sent directly here, as even the most evil and prideful beings in existence are given a last chance to atone for their sins in Revendreth. If they fail or refuse to seek redemption, they are condemned to an eternity in the Maw.[10][11][12][13] Still, few souls that the Arbiter found completely irredeemable would be sent directly to the Maw.[14]

The landmass within the Maw consists of pieces of land that have been ripped from a realm that was destroyed upon entering the Maw's atmosphere and whose pieces have become burned and desiccated. The Jailer pieced these together into a single landmass by throwing out chains in every direction within the Maw from Torghast and pulling them inwards.[15] The Maw was sealed and made inescapable with the magic of the Heart of the Forest, with the goal of banishing The Jailer forever.[16]

As the Jailer's dwelling, the Maw is a tumultuous, hopeless maze of torment chambers and endless despair.[17] The laws that bind the Shadowlands are meaningless within the Jailer's realm. Reality is ever-changing within the Maw, which is continually altering itself to the whims of its singular master[18] who resides in Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

The eye of Odyn had been brought to the Maw by Mueh'zala long ago.

Recent history[]

Breaking the Arbiter - The Maw

Souls flowing into the Maw.

Around the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth,[19] the machine of death was broken, causing all souls who enter the Shadowlands to pour directly into the Maw as part of the river of souls. As a result, the Maw grows larger and more powerful while other parts of the Shadowlands have become deprived of anima and have started withering. During this time, Mueh'zala brought Helya to the Jailer's side.

Sylvanas Windrunner has been working with the Jailer since her attempted suicide at Icecrown Citadel and has been perpetrating acts to bring about great amounts of death in the world of the living. As she has fed the Maw with new souls, both she and the Jailer have grown more powerful.[2]

Thanks to their intimate connection to Azeroth's world-soul, adventurers are able to escape the Maw and further explore the Shadowlands, though some of their allies were left behind.[2]

After Tyrande Whisperwind jumped into the Maw by herself, Shandris Feathermoon received visions of Tyrande in the Maw, including specific locations within the Maw of where she'd be able to find her.[20]

During the Chains of Domination campaign, the Jailer uses massive chains to drag Korthia into the Maw. With the power of the new Korthian Waystone to Oribos, covenant forces are able to come and go as they please (instead of piggy-backing alongside the Maw Walker's anima) and start their own assaults on the Maw.

At the end of the expansion it is made clear by the new Arbiter that no soul will be sent to the Maw ever again and that all will receive a judgment of redemption.

Getting there[]

Players enter the Maw by jumping into the Soul Pillar from the second layer of Oribos.


Maps and subregions[]


Map of the Maw in patch 9.1 with Korthia in the south.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Torghast, Tower of the Damned 60 1-5 player Unknown
Instance portal Sanctum of Domination 60++ 10-30 player (20 on Mythic) Unknown

Adjacent regions[]

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Oribos HordeAlliance 50-60 n/a Waystone to Oribos
Korthia 60 southeast On foot, or using the Animaflow Teleporter from Ve'nari's Refuge

Gameplay mechanics[]

The Maw is not a typical zone, and it has some unique mechanics to encourage players to drop by, gain some currencies by doing activities, and then leave. To start, players can at first not mount up in the Maw, and will travel on foot in general to most locations. However, you can unlock the ability to use a mount in the Maw by doing the Korthia questline.

The three currencies[]

The overall objective of the Maw is to gain Stygia and the reputation to use it with Ve'nari, but balanced against drawing the Eye of the Jailer. Additionally, the covenants would really like some more freed souls to power their way of life once a week.

Nearly everything in the zone affects some or all of the "currencies". Looting generic mobs will award a granule or two of Stygia. Freeing lost souls for the weekly covenant quest will award much more Stygia, but also advance the Eye of the Jailer progress. Rares and events will award more stygia, advance the Eye progress, and award reputation with Ve'nari. Completing quest objectives will advance Eye threat at that moment, while turning in will award the reputation and Stygia.

To direct players' efforts, there are several high-level activities that players are encouraged to complete daily and weekly:

Maw currencies
Source Reputation Stygia Threat Threat per rep Threat per Stygia
Generic mob 0 ≈1 6 6.00
Generic elite 0 ≈2.5 12 4.80
Rescue soul 0 ≈20 100 5.00
Event mob 40 ≈45 300 7.50 6.67
Rare mob 80 ≈50 300 3.75 6.00
Rare elite mob 100 ≈75 500 5.00 6.67
Daily quests 75 140 500 6.67 3.57
Wrath of the Jailer (weekly) 250 100 500 2.00 5.00
Perdition/Beastwarrens daily 100 225 667 6.67 2.96
Weekly quests 850 425 1000 1.18 2.35
Beastwarrens Hunt 525 ≈300 1000 1.90 3.33
Perdition Hold weekly 1100 700 1200 1.09 1.71
Maw Lore (one-time) 100-150 0 0 0 0

The Eye of the Jailer[]

Eye of the Jailer tier 5

The Eye interface

To keep players from grinding Ve'nari reputation and Stygia all day, the daily Eye of the Jailer comes into play until the launch of patch 9.1. This mechanic gently encourages players to not idle in the zone and, after a while, less-than-gently encourages players to leave the zone as more advanced threats are unleashed. Eventually, the Jailer will have had enough and starts rapidly eroding the player's life force, killing the Maw Walker outright.

The Eye of the Jailer threat level resets daily, alongside daily quests.

  1. None
  2. Soulseekers attack you on sight
  3. Towers bombard your location, dealing damage and slowing you
  4. Assassins are sent to kill you
  5. Winged Abductors hunt you from above
  6. The Jailer rapidly erodes your life force

At tier three and above, the Jailer will send Assasins to harry the player as they enter combat. Defeat it to survive. Defeat 100 to earn the achievement Ability hunter assassinate [Who Sent You?].

At tier four, with no warning at all, a Stygian Abductor will snag the player from the ground and fly up high, winding up a long cast that will likely throw them off the edge of the zone.

At tier five, players lose 10% incoming healing every 20 seconds. Once all incoming healing is gone, players lose 3% of their max health every tick. Thus, once players hit the maximum for the day, they have 200 seconds (3 minutes, 20 seconds) to exit the Maw or make it to Ve'nari's Refuge.

During this tier, players are ineligible to loot any additional Stygia or gain reputation with Ve'nari. However, should they desire to run Torghast, they have enough time between landing in the Maw and running down hill to the refuge to make it to her Torghast portal.

During the Chains of Domination campaign, players will permanently fend off the Eye (so it can become a boss in the Sanctum of Domination) during the quest N [60] Focusing the Eye. Once that quest is complete, the Eye mechanic is removed for that player, allowing them to stay in the Maw indefinitely.

Ve'nari and her refuge[]

Ve'nari's Refuge

Ve'nari's Refuge

On the southeastern part of the mainland is Ve'nari's Refuge, home to the broker Ve'nari. At the refuge, players are immune to the Eye of the Jailer, have easy access to Torghast, and slowly build out a portal network to other points in the zone. Ve'nari trades in Stygia, acquired from various sources in the Maw.

However, Ve'nari is not a trusting character, and the Maw Walker will need to gain standing with her over time to purchase more of her wares. Such standing comes from completing her daily and weekly quests, killing notable foes, and taking part in other events in the zone. Additionally, two subzones, Perdition Hold and the Beastwarrens, are gated behind her reputation standing, and will award the achievements Inv maweye black [Prepare for Trouble!] and Inv maweye gold [Make it Double!] when unlocked.

Standing Overall rep To next level
Dubious 0 - 999 1,000
Apprehensive 1,000 - 6,999 6,000
Tentative 7,000 - 13,999 7,000
Ambivalent 14,000 - 20,999 7,000
Cordial 21,000 - 41,999 21,000
Appreciative 42,000 n/a


Shadowlands press kit - Ve'nari


Maw graveyard

A graveyard in the Maw

Completing objectives in the Maw (freeing souls, daily quests, bonus objectives, etc...) will award some Inv stygia [Stygia]. Ve'nari will trade the player's gathered Stygia for various upgrades, like a portal network, or quality-of-life improvements in Torghast, like the ability to always see at least two Anima power choices when interacting with Anima hoards.

Should players die in the Maw, they will drop roughly 20% their Stygia, but they can loot their corpse to recover it. Players respawn instantly at a graveyard with the Ability priest spiritoftheredeemer [Edict of the Eternal Ones] buff and will need to run back to their corpse while alive. However, if players die again before looting their first corpse, the Stygia on that corpse will be lost permanently. Should players fall off the edge of the Maw, the lost Stygia is gone permanently.

Use stygia to unlock permanent rewards and earn the achievements Inv belt mail raidhunter p 01 [To 'Ghast, Two Curios] and Spell animamaw buff ['Ghast Five].

Reputation Item Cost Purpose
n/a Trade archaeology titan fragment [Cypher of Relocation] 60 Teleports the player to Ve'nari's refuge
Creatureportrait twilightshammer lava magicball [Anima Supricifer] 50 Quest item
Apprehensive Sha spell warlock demonsoul nightborne [Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits] 527 Torghast upgrade (death)
Inv belt mail raidhunter p 01 [Extradimensional Pockets] 800 Torghast upgrade (obleron armaments)
Inv alchemist 81 spiritedalchemiststone [Encased Riftwalker Essence] 1130 Maw upgrade (Chaotic Riftstones)
Inv staff 2h maw c 01 [Soultwinning Scepter] 205 Stat buff
Inv misc craftingreagent vial01 [Oil of Ethereal Force] 165 Stealth + movement speed buff
Tentative Inv ring oribos 01 copper [Bangle of Seniority] 1135 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
Trade alchemy ghostironrodruned [Sigil of the Unseen] 666 Maw upgrade (assassins)
Inv belt 44 [Animated Levitating Chain] 1050 Maw upgrade (grappling hook)
Item icecrownringa [Animaflow Stabilizer] 1650 Maw upgrade (Animaflow Teleporter)
Inv engineering 90 scope blue [Broker Traversal Enhancer] 875 Torghast upgrade (9.0.5 Broker teleports)
Inv alchemy 80 elixir01green [Maw-Touched Miasma] 230 Torghast Mawrat skill
Inv skeletonhandpet blue [Sticky-Fingered Skeletal Hand] 210 Torghast lock bypass
Ambivalent Inv jewelcrafting necklace3 blue [Soul-Stabilizing Talisman] 775 Maw upgrade (abductors)
Inv misc dice 01 [Ritual Prism of Fortune] 1025 Torghast upgrade (anima powers)
Spell burningsoul [Phantasmic Infuser] 3760 Torghast upgrade (phantasma)
Inv misc masterofanatomy [Memory of Jailer's Eye] 4986 Runecarver memory
Cordial Inv jewelcrafting 815 focusinglens [Loupe of Unusual Charm] 1330 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
Inv jewelcrafting 70 cutgem03 red [Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist] 1575 Torghast upgrade (broker powers)
Sha ability mage firestarter nightborne [Unbound Reality Fragment] 1900 Conduit unlock/upgrade
Trade archaeology draenei tome [Recipe: Crafter's Mark II] 300 Crafting reagent
Appreciative Spell animamaw buff [Possibility Matrix] 1525 Torghast upgrade (anima hoard)
Inv misc addsocketbracer [Spatial Realignment Apparatus] 7200 Socket unlock
Inv misc food ghoststeak bone [Stygia Dowser] 1500 For Inv jailerhoundmount white [Bound Shadehound] (9.0.5)
Inv offhand pvp330 d 02 [Partial Rune Codex] 2000 For Inv jailerhoundmount white [Bound Shadehound] (9.0.5)


Soul Cage

A Soul Cage

Occasionally, players will find Soul Cages in the zone. Free the Caged Soul inside to gain progress on the weekly quest Return Lost Souls, which requires saving between five and twenty, but players will advance their progress on the Eye of the Jailer. Additionally, Wailing Souls serve the same purpose.

Free 200 (over the course of several months!) to earn the achievement Spell holy guardianspirit [Soulkeeper's Burden].

Rares and events[]

The minimap keeps track of both rare mobs (marked with a star), and Maw events (marked with a skull). Events respawn quickly (roughly every 5 minutes), while rares can take hours.

Killing rares or marked events will award a decent amount of Inv stygia [Stygia], advance the Eye of the Jailer and award some standing with Ve'nari. The rares are also tracked in achievements Inv helm leather mawraid d 01mythic [It's About Sending a Message] and Inv misc bone humanskull 02 [Better to Be Lucky Than Dead].

  • Rares
    Maw map
    Apholeias, Herald of Loss (Convocation of Loss) @ 19.3, 41
    Borr-Geth @ 39.0, 41
    Conjured Death @ 27.7, 13
    Darithis the Bleak @ 60.9, 48
    Adjutant Dekaris @ 25.9, 31
    Dolos @ 30.7, 60
    Eketra, Death's Champion @ 23.7, 53
    Ekphoras, Herald of Grief (Convocation of Grief) @ 42.3, 21
    Eternas the Tormentor @ 19.2, 46
    Exos, Herald of Domination (Convocation of Domination) @ 20.6, 69
    Ikras the Devourer (flies) @ 33, 52
    Morguliax, Lord of Decapitation @ 16.3, 50
    Nascent Devourer @ 45.5, 73
    Oblos @ 48.8, 18
    Orophea @ 23.7, 21
    Dath Rezara @ 19.0, 57
    Soulforger Rhovus @ 35.9, 41
    Talaporas, Herald of Pain (Convocation of Pain) @ 28.7, 12
    Darklord Taraxis @ 49.1, 81
    Thanassos @ 27.3, 71
    Yero the Skittish @ 37.6, 65
    Shadeweaver Zeris @ 32.9, 66
  • Events
    Maw map
    Agonix @ 28.2, 45
    Akros @ 34.0, 73
    Cyrixia @ 28.7, 25
    Dartanos, Lord of Chains @ 24.5, 14
    Drifting Sorrow @ 32.0, 21
    Huwerath @ 20.9, 29
    Krala @ 30.8, 68
    Malevolent Stygia @ 27.3, 17
    Oldalrik @ 38.7, 28
    Orrholyn, Lord of Bloodletting @ 25.4, 48
    Ratgusher @ 22.6, 42
    Razkazzar @ 26.2, 37
    Dath Rezara @ 19.2, 57
    Sanngror the Torturer @ 55.6, 63
    Skittering Broodmother @ 61.7, 77
    Stygian Incinerator @ 36.4, 43
    Houndmaster Vasanok @ 60.4, 64
    Soulsmith Yol-Mattar @ 36.3, 37
    Valis the Cruel @ 40.7, 59
  • Patch 9.1 rares
    Maw map
    Carriage Crusher @ 45.5, 54
    Fallen Charger spawn at Tremaculum @ 28.3, 15
    Fallen Charger spawn at Crucible of the Damned @ 21.6, 42
    Fallen Charger spawn at Perdition Hold @ 28.1, 64
    Traitor Balthier @ 67.4, 47
    Blinding Shadow (in The Rift) @ 36.0, 46
    Deomen the Vortex @ 66.4, 55
    Guard Orguluus (in The Rift) @ 51, 70
    Torglluun, Lord of Shades (in The Rift) @ 28.6, 25
    Ylva, Mate of Guarm @ 66.2, 43
9.0 rares and events
Rare Coords Location Type
Agonix [28.2, 45.5]VZ-MawBlip Detrithos Event
Akros [34.0, 73.1]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Event
Apholeias, Herald of Loss [19.3, 41.7]VZ-MawBlip Crucible of the Damned Rare
Borr-Geth [39.0, 41.2]VZ-MawBlip Zovaal's Cauldron Rare
Conjured Death [27.7, 13.1]VZ-MawBlip Tremaculum Rare
Cyrixia [28.2, 24.8]VZ-MawBlip Ruin's Cradle Event
Darithis the Bleak [60.9, 48.1]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Rare
Dartanos, Lord of Chains [25.8, 14.9]VZ-MawBlip Tremaculum Event
Adjutant Dekaris [25.9, 31.2]VZ-MawBlip Calcis Rare
Dolos [31.0, 60.5]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Rare
Drifting Sorrow [32.0, 21.3]VZ-MawBlip Planes of Torment Event
Ekphoras, Herald of Grief [42.3, 21.1]VZ-MawBlip Gorgoa: River of Souls Rare
Eketra, Death's Champion [23.6, 53.4]VZ-MawBlip Crucible of the Damned Rare
Exos, Herald of Domination [20.9, 69.4]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Rare
Eternas the Tormentor [27.4, 49.5]VZ-MawBlip Detrithos Rare
Huwerath [20.9, 29.7]VZ-MawBlip Calcis Event
Ikras the Devourer [33, 52]VZ-MawBlip Cocyrus (flies) Rare
Krala [30.8, 69.0]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Event
Malevolent Stygia [27.3, 17.5]VZ-MawBlip Tremaculum Event
Morguliax, Lord of Decapitation [16.3, 50.2]VZ-MawBlip Crucible of the Damned Rare
Nascent Devourer [46.2, 74.2]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Rare
Odalrik [38.7, 28.8]VZ-MawBlip Gorgoa: River of Souls Event
Orophea [23.7, 21.4]VZ-MawBlip Ruin's Cradle Rare
Orrholyn, Lord of Bloodletting [25.4, 48.7]VZ-MawBlip Detrithos Event
Razkazzar [27.0, 37.3]VZ-MawBlip Calcis Event
Ratgusher [22.6, 42.2]VZ-MawBlip Desolate Hollow Event
Dath Rezara [19.0, 57.9]VZ-MawBlip Crucible of the Damned Rare
Soulforger Rhovus [35.9, 41.5]VZ-MawBlip Zovaal's Cauldron Rare
Sanngror the Torturer [55.8, 68.1]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Event
Skittering Broodmother [59.3, 79.9]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Event
Stygian Incinerator [36.4, 43.9]VZ-MawBlip Zovaal's Cauldron Event
Talaporas, Herald of Pain [28.6, 11.6]VZ-MawBlip Tremaculum Rare
Darklord Taraxis [49.1, 81.8]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Rare
Thanassos [27.4, 71.3]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Rare
Houndmaster Vasanok [60.1, 65.0]VZ-MawBlip Beastwarrens Event
Valis the Cruel [40.3, 59.8]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Event
Yero the Skittish [37.6, 65.6]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Rare
Soulsmith Yol-Mattar [36.3, 37.5]VZ-MawBlip Zovaal's Cauldron Event
Shadeweaver Zeris [32.9, 66.5]VZ-MawBlip Perdition Hold Rare
9.1 rares - Inv offhand 1h mawraid d 01 [Conquering Korthia]
Encounter Location Coords
Traitor Balthier Desmotaeron [67.4, 47.8]VZ-Maw-t1Blip
Blinding Shadow The Rift (Zovaal's Cauldron) [36.0, 41.6]VZ-Maw-t1Blip
Deomen the Vortex Desmotaeron [66.4, 55.5]VZ-Maw-t1Blip
Fallen Charger Covenant assault location Varies
Guard Orguluus The Rift (Soulstained Fields) [51, 70]VZ-Maw-t1Blip
Torglluun, Lord of Shades The Rift (Ruin's Cradle) [28.6, 25.1]VZ-Maw-t1Blip
Ylva, Mate of Guarm Desmotaeron [66.4, 41.9]VZ-Maw-t1Blip

Chaotic Riftstones and Animaflow Teleporter[]

Chaotic Riftstone

Chaotic Riftstone

Once unlocked with Inv alchemist 81 spiritedalchemiststone [Encased Riftwalker Essence], purchased from Ve'nari with Stygia, players can use Chaotic Riftstones to more quickly get around the Maw. Each Riftstone will send the player to it's pair.

Animaflow Teleporter (active)

Animaflow Teleporter

Additionally, players can unlock the Animaflow Teleporter with the Item icecrownringa [Animaflow Stabilizer], which provides one-way trips to the Tremaculum and the Beastwarrens:

Maw map
Crucible of the Damned @ 19.2, 47
The Tremaculum @ 25.2, 17
Zovaal's Cauldron @ 34.8, 43
Calcis @ 23.4, 31
Animaflow Teleporter @ 48.3, 41
The Tremaculum Animaflow drop-off @ 34.2, 14
The Beastwarrens Animaflow drop-off @ 53.4, 63

Covenant assaults[]

Necrolord Assault

The Necrolord assault on Perdition Hold

After completing N [60] Good News, Everyone! during the Chains of Domination campaign in patch 9.1, covenant assaults unlock. Twice a week, one of the four covenants will take charge on an assault of one of the hubs in the Maw:

The assaults are a great source of reputation with the Death's Advance and the covenant factions taking part in the assault, and have a number of achievements associated with them, including:

Additionally, assaults will award an Inv misc covenant renown [Emblem of Renown] for players who are catching up.

Tormentors of Torghast[]

In patch 9.1, Kel'Thuzad sends out one of the Tormentors of Torghast to attack an area in the Maw. Take out the minions and lieutenants to fill the bar, then defeat the Tormentor of Torghast for 10% progress in N [60W] Shaping Fate, a Inv misc treasurechest03d [Tormentor's Cache], and likely an item drop or two.

Once a week, players can complete the N [60W] Phantasmagoria quest, which starts from the Ability argus soulbombdebufflarge [Warped Phantasma] found inside the Tormentor's Cache.

Defeat all of the bosses to earn the achievement Spell shadow auraofdarkness [Minions of the Cold Dark].


Main article: Maw storyline

Players visit the Maw a few times during the level-up campaign, then at max level have access to a few storylines regarding Ve'nari and Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

During the Shadowlands intro experience, players crash-land in the Maw, fight their way through new enemies, catch up with the kidnapped leaders, and then activate the Eroded Waystone and leave the leaders behind.

Late in the Maldraxxus storyline, the Maw Walker is tasked to return to the Maw to retrieve a Baron of Maldraxxus.

Near the end of the Revendreth storyline, players are asked to return to the Maw again to retrieve Prince Renathal, which ends up sending players into Torghast for the first time.

At max level, midway through the first chapter of their covenant campaign, players are sent to the Maw to recover souls to power their covenant sanctum. While working on Ve'nari's tasks, adventurers see Baine get captured and sent to Torghast!

After completing the first chapter of the covenant campaign, Bolvar Fordrgaon asks players to return to Torghast to save Baine. In the process, they will recover a key that leads to the Runecarver, crafter of artifacts (and legendaries).

After freeing Baine, the rest of the Ve'nari storyline plays out -- which is gated behind her reputation.


Bound Shadehound

Inv jailerhoundmount white [Bound Shadehound]

A great number of mounts, pets, and toys can be acquired from completing tasks in the Maw.

Maw mounts
Item Source Notes
Inv flymaldraxxusmount copper [Battlefield Swarmer Harness] Achievement bg takexflags ab [On the Offensive] Necrolord only
Inv automatonfliermount copper [Battle-Hardened Aquilon] Achievement bg takexflags ab [On the Offensive] Kyrian only
Inv jailerhoundmount white [Bound Shadehound] N [60] Feral Shadehound Patch 9.0.5 chain
Inv bracer leather draenorcrafted d 01 alliance [Bracelet of Salaranga] Inv mawguardhandmountwhite [Breaking the Chains] All 9.1 outdoor content
Inv belt 44c [Chain of Bahmethra] Inv misc treasurechest03d [Tormentor's Cache] Tormentors of Torghast weekly chest
Inv jailerhoundmount black [Corridor Creeper] Inv inscription darkmooncard repose 8 [Twisting Corridors: Layer 8] Torghast
Ability mount mawhorsespikes yellow [Fallen Charger's Reins] Fallen Charger Rare drop
Inv giantvampirebatmount purple [Harvester's Dredwing Saddle] Item revendreth paragonchest 02 [Harvester's War Chest] N [60B] Venthyr Assault
Inv decomposermountgreen [Legsplitter War Harness] Item ardenweald paragonchest 02 [War Chest of the Wild Hunt] N [60B] Night Fae Assault
Ability mount mawhorsespikes blue [Mawsworn Charger's Reins] Inv mawguardpet red [Flawless Master (Layer 12)] Perfect layer 12s in Torghast
Inv jailerhoundmount gray [Mawsworn Soulhunter] Hunt: Shadehounds Rare drop from Gorged Shadehound
Inv 70 quest ring7b [Nilganihmaht Control Ring] Hand of Nilganihmaht Collect five rings
Inv gargoylebrute2mount pale [Pale Gravewing] Achievement bg takexflags ab [On the Offensive] Venthyr only
Ability mount mawhorsespikes teal [Soulbound Gloomcharger's Reins] 70 inscription vantus rune suramar [Mysterious Gift from Ve'nari] Ve'nari paragon reward
Inv darkhoundmount draka orange [Undying Darkhound's Harness] Item maldraxxus paragonchest 02 [War Chest of the Undying Army] N [60B] Necrolord Assault
Inv wolfserpentmountwhite [Winter Wilderling Harness] Achievement bg takexflags ab [On the Offensive] Night Fae only
Maw combat pets
Pet Location Notes
Inv decomposermountpurple [Amaranthine Stinger] Tormentors of Torghast Gralebboih drop
Clinging Remains Varies Wild pet, capture
Inv aetherwyrm [Copperback Etherwyrm] Item bastion paragonchest 03 [Ascended War Chest] N [60B] Kyrian Assault
Deathroach Varies Wild pet, capture
Tradeskill abominationstitching abominations mid [Fodder] Item maldraxxus paragonchest 02 [War Chest of the Undying Army] N [60B] Necrolord Assault
Inv mawguardpet gold [Gilded Darknight] Adamant Vaults Torghast
Inv maweye gold [Golden Eye] Desmotaeron Helsworn Soulseeker drop
Inv mawguardhand grey [Grappling Gauntlet] Varies Random drop from Mawsworn
Grip of Terror Varies Wild pet, capture
Inv aetherwyrm [Infused Etherwyrm] Desolate Hollow N [60B] Night Fae Assault
Inv decomposermountblack [Invasive Buzzer] Item ardenweald paragonchest 02 [War Chest of the Wild Hunt] N [60B] Night Fae Assault
Tradeskill abominationstitching abominations lesser [Lil'Abom] Perdition Hold Parts in Perdition Hold
Lost Limb Varies Wild pet, capture
Inv mawguardpet red [Mord'al Eveningstar] Spell broker orb [Many, Many Things] The Box of Many Things
Inv mawguardpet white [Rook] 70 inscription vantus rune suramar [Mysterious Gift from Ve'nari] Ve'nari paragon reward
Scurrying Mawrat Varies Wild pet, capture
Inv babyfox blue [Sly] Inv babyfox blue [A Sly Fox] N [60B] Kyrian Assault
Vile Deathroach Varies Wild pet, capture
Maw toys
Item Source Notes
Inv titanium shield spike [Adamant Vaults Cell] Adamant Vaults Torghast
Inv ore adamantium [Ancient Elethium Coin] Morguliax Rare drop
Inv skinning 80 calcifiedbone [Bonestorm Top] Darklord Taraxis Rare drop
Spell fire selfdestruct [Borr-Geth's Fiery Brimstone] Borr-Geth Rare drop
Inv potion 89 [Bottled Shade Heart] Torglluun Rare drop (The Rift)
Inv neck mawraid 02 blue [Box of Rattling Chains] Layer 9-12 brokers Torghast
Spell animamaw nova [Experimental Anima Cell] Layer 9-12 brokers Torghast
Inv helm plate mawraid d 01 [Helm of the Dominated] Inv inscription darkmooncard repose 4 [Twisting Corridors: Layer 4] Torghast
Inv misc steelweaponchain [Jailer's Cage] Zovaal's Vault The Rift
Trade archaeology carved harp of exotic wood [Orophea's Lyre] Orophea Rare drop
Inv belt 18 [Personal Ball and Chain] Zovaal's Vault The Rift
Inv trinket bastion 01 silver [Vesper of Faith] Item bastion paragonchest 03 [Ascended War Chest] N [60B] Kyrian Assault


Notes and trivia[]

  • During development, the Inv misc book 05 [Deciphering Death's Intentions] items had flavor text per item alluding to details otherwise not mentioned in the storytelling. Most flavor text was moved as descriptions of the corresponding quest, but the following were removed:
    • It was implied that there was a time "before the Maw was called the Maw."[21]
    • A night elf Maw Walker had been tortured through physical abuse, gnomish tavern jigs (which led to guards abandoning their duties), and had their soul finally break after 115 repeats of the burning of Teldrassil.[22]
    • There used to be some form of currency in what is now the Maw.[23]
    • The attribution of Inv misc notescript1c [Words of the Warden] to Warden Korrath.
    • All the Korrath's Grimoires were readable; sadly, no player during development wrote down what the books said to the knowledge of the editors.[24][25][26]
    • The Inv misc map09 [Indecipherable Map] used to have the Waystone to Oribos and other locations of the Maw circled; on live the map is "covered in scribles" and "hint[s] at realms unknown".
    • The Inv misc paperbundle03b [Discarded Torments] mentioned the Mawsworn use time-based punishments.
  • It was previously stated that the Arbiter sends some souls directly to the Maw,[27] but this is not affirmed in-game, where souls are instead always given a last chance at redemption in Revendreth.[13] However, Steve Danuser later confirmed the Arbiter did send irredeemable souls to the Maw, a "trickle".[14]
  • Bwonsamdi has been using his powers to prevent troll souls from falling into the Maw, to the point of grabbing Zekhan from it and shoving the soul back into his body.[28]
  • Art director Ely Cannon has described the level design of the Maw as being a "very difficult" process, as the artists had to create a zone that was very desolate without being a typical desert landscape. The artists tried to take a few of the themes included elsewhere in the Shadowlands and include them in the Maw, but in a way that was only vaguely reminiscent as opposed to specific parts from other zones. According to Cannon, the pieces of land that make up the Maw are probably not taken from the primary Shadowlands zones players can visit, such as Bastion or Revendreth, but rather from the millions of other possible afterlives that exist; the artists wanted the Maw to showcase something different from the other playable zones while still having elements that would allow players to understand that "this was a place but it's obviously not what it was before".[15]
  • Flying will never be added to the Maw.[29]
  • The Maw's ground is formed from souls pounded into dust. With enough souls passing through Gorgoa, the Maw can be expanded.[30]


  • The Maw could be seen as the Warcraft equivalent of Hell, though the region draws inspiration from many different depictions of various torturous realms of death, such as the underworld of Greek mythology and other underworlds, real or fictional.
    • For Zovaal's cultural inspiration, see The Jailer#Notes and trivia.
    • The soul river Gorgoa is similar in concept to the rivers that flow through the Greek underworld, but named for the Gorgon, and the subzone Cocyrus and the Inv stygia [Stygia] currency are respectively named after two of said rivers: Cocytus and Styx.
    • The flowing molten stygia gestures to the river of fire named Phlegethon.
    • Furthering this comparison, many of the inhabitants of the Shadowlands use the Maw in a style reminiscent of mortal and real-life expletives involving Hell. e. g. "The Maw take you!"
    • The fact Zovaal was banished here after doing something such that the Eternal Ones felt forced to do so is likewise comparable to the way Satan is dealt with in multiple Abrahamic traditions. Specifically, the ice-like nature of Stygia and the cold themes of Desmotaeron are parallel to how the last circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno is frozen over.
    • The term "Maw" itself used for this hell-like realm could be a reference to the medieval Anglo-Saxon depiction of what the entrance of Hell looks like, the Hellmouth, in the West derived from Roman depictions of Orcus.
    • The Inv ore adamantium [Ancient Elethium Coin] holds several references.
      • The inscription reads "Vala Mortalis", the latter word being Latin for "death" or "mortality". "Vala Mortalis" is also a reference to the High Valyrian phrase Valar morghulis (meaning "All men must die") from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels; a phrase that has also been associated with special coins.
      • The name "elethium" is likely derived from the River Lethe.
    • Elements of both the Maw and Torghast resemble Oblivion, such as Coldharbour in comparison to the Coldheart Interstitia both in appearance and the name, from Elder Scrolls.
      • The capture of Korthia resembles the Dark Anchors of Coldharbour.
    • The way Odyn's eye was given to Mueh'zala and then given to Zovaal in the Maw gestures to how Odin gave his eye to the Mímisbrunnr.
    • The race of giants sent to the Maw long ago[31] that were later punished by Zovaal[32] due to his feeling threatened by them[33] are likely a reference to the Hecatoncheires from Greek myth. One of the giants name is "Bahmeht", likely referring to Behemoth or Bahamut.



Patch changes[]


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