For the quest from the Maldraxxus storyline, see N [54] Maw Walker.

The Waystone to Oribos.

Maw Walker is a rare title given to beings who are able to enter and leave the normally inescapable Maw by activating the First One waystone between the Maw and the rest of the Shadowlands. Other mortals and Shadowlands denizens can temporarily attune themselves to a Maw Walker's soul to also gain access to the waystone.[1][2] In addition, magi can attune their teleportation spell to a Maw Walker in order to teleport out of the Maw.[3] Through the use of an ancient spell, the Curator was able to use a Maw Walker as a conduit to travel back along the same path they used to get into the Maw. However, this spell is painful, may kill the Maw Walker in question, and can only be used once.[4][5]

Sylvanas Windrunner became the first Maw Walker when she escaped the Maw through her pact with the Val'kyr.[6] Maw Walker is the term used by inhabitants of the Shadowlands to refer to adventurers (player characters), who are able to activate the waystone[7] thanks to their unique connection to Azeroth's world-soul.[8] There are canonically multiple such heroes.[9]



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