NeutralMaw Walker

The Waystone to Oribos
Start Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
End Highlord Bolvar Fordragon [40.0, 68.6]
Level 54 (Requires 54)
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 7,350
Rewards  [Risen Journeyman's Visage]
or  [Vicious Reclaimer's Cover]
or  [Forgotten Pursuer's Cowl]
or  [Fallen Protector's Headguard]
24g 57s
Previous N [54] Wake of Ashes
Next N [54] A Soul Saved


Attune with Darion and Morgraine and assist them in leaving the Maw.


I believe now it is time for you to leave.

You are a Maw Walker, one who can activate the waystone between the Maw and the lands beyond. While your friends may not hold the same title, there is a way to send them through the gate.

Souls can be connected. In theory, if you let someone attune themselves to your soul while you activate the waystone, you both should be able to leave. Even fleeting connections may produce some result.

Go with your other two guests and see if my hypothesis is correct.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helm cloth oribosquesting b 01.png [Risen Journeyman's Visage] Inv helm leather oribosquesting b 01.png [Vicious Reclaimer's Cover]
Inv mail oribosquesting b 01 helm.png [Forgotten Pursuer's Cowl] Inv helm plate oribosquesting b 01.png [Fallen Protector's Headguard]

You will also receive:

  • 24g 57s
  • 7,350 XP


You return in one piece. And with not just Darion, but his father as well. You continue to succeed, Maw Walker.


On accept:

Ve'nari says: Farewell. Please do not tell anyone you saw me. And if you find yourself leaping into this maelstrom of gloom again, I do hope you'll bring along something interesting to trade.

Head west back up the hill to Cocyrus and the Waystone to Oribos. Interact with the waystone to activate it, then interact with it again to teleport to the outer western part of Oribos. An Attendant Protector is present to witness your arrival.

Attendant Protector says: You return, and with others this time! That's astounding. No soul has ever returned once, let alone twice with allies! A Maw Walker indeed!

Escort the Mograines back to the Enclave, where Baroness Draka is now standing next to Fordragon:

Highlord Darion Mograine says: Highlord Fordragon! We have escaped the Maw. Thank you for your aid.
Alexandros Mograine says: Draka! We must return to Maldraxxus at once. Margrave Krexus--
Baroness Draka says: Our margrave has been slain, Ashbringer. The Chosen need your blade, now more than ever.
Alexandros Mograine says: No... then my warning comes too late! We have been betrayed by one of our own!
Alexandros Mograine says: It was Vyraz who had me trapped within the Maw. There can be no doubt that it was his hand that struck down our margrave.


  1. N [54] Among the Chosen
  2. N [54] The Maw
  3. N [54] Seeking the Baron
  4. N [54] The Hunt for the Baron
  5. N [54] A Cooling Trail
  6. N [54] The Brand Holds the Key
  7. N [54] Hope Never Dies
  8. N [54] Delving Deeper
  9. N [54] A Bond Beyond Death
  10. N [54] Wake of Ashes
  11. N [54] Maw Walker
  12. N [54] A Soul Saved

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