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Maw guard

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Maw guards[1] (or Mawguards)[2][3] are humanoid Mawsworn.

These Mawsworn begin as inanimate suits of armor, forged by the stygian smiths of Zovaal's Cauldron. Once fashioned, they await infusion of a decrepit shade to complete their genesis.[4]


  • They have the same animations as a Kul Tiran male.


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Maw casters could likewise be formed the same as Maw guards, or even could be the same type of Mawsworn creatures.

Thanassos in the Maw has full Maw armor on top of a female orc model, it could be a different version of same type of Mawsworn.

When Ner'zhul was made into the Lich King his soul was similarly bound to a suit of armor and also a sword, as the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne are known to have been made by the Jailer's will it could mean the original form of the Lich King was similar to the Maw guards.