Maw of Souls: A Hope in Helheim

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NeutralMaw of Souls: A Hope in Helheim
Start Alard Schmied
End Alard Schmied
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Heroic
Category Alchemy
Experience 16,450
Rewards 18g 28s 50c
Previous N Alchemy [110] Channeling Our Efforts
Next N Alchemy [110R] The Emerald Nightmare: Rage Fire


Retrieve a crate of Dragur Dust from Heroic: Maw of Souls, craft a Flask of the Seventh Demon and return both items to Alard in Dalaran.


For this last ingredient, well...

<Alard begins pondering for a moment, then nods his head.>

Yes, that's the only way. For this last one, you'll need to go to the land of the damned, Helheim.

Well, not there exactly, but aboard the boat that ferries the dead across the Maw of Souls. Upon that boat may be the final ingredient we need.

It's called Dragur Dust. Keep an eye out for it.

Also, one needs to be quick when adding this ingredient. I'll need something to heighten my reflexes.


You will receive: 18g 28s 50c


Were you able to board the ship? Did you find the dust?


It was there? You found some?

<Alard takes the crate and opens it. He reels back from the smell.>

Yep, that's the stuff alright. By the light, does that reek.



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