NeutralMaw of Souls: Maul of the Dead
Start Salanar the Horseman
End Salanar the Horseman
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Type Dungeon
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 20,560
Rewards 38g 80s
Previous N Death knight [45] The Zealot Rises
Next N Death knight [45] The Fourth Horseman


Retrieve the Maul of the Dead from Helheim.


All of the necessary components have been gathered together. Soon, the unholy steeds of the damned will trample the armies of the Burning Legion.

However, our work is not quite done. One item yet remains beyond our grasp...

Lurking within the depths of Helheim, the fallen queen Helya rules over the dead. In her possession is a maul, infused with the souls of countless fallen warriors.

Bring to me the Maul of the Dead and with it, I will forge barding so impenetrable... no demon shall break it!


You will receive:

  • 38g 80s
  • 20,560 XP


Have you brought me the Maul of the Dead?


The legendary Maul of the Dead... it resonates with the hatred and despair of countless anguished souls. As a tool of misery, it is the embodiment of perfection.


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