NeutralMaw of Souls: Ymiron's Broken Blade
Start  [Ymiron's Broken Blade]
End Odyn
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Warrior Campaign
Rewards Follower: King Ymiron
77g 60s


Return to Skyhold and convince Odyn to raise King Ymiron.


You hold King Ymiron's blade and realize what a fierce combatant he would make, were he to fight on your side.

Perhaps Odyn could be persuaded to force the vrykul King's spirit to fight along your army.


You will gain these followers:

  • Follower: King Ymiron

You will also receive: 77g 60s


Very well then. Let it be done!


The quest-starting item drops from Ymiron, the Fallen King in the Maw of Souls. You must be on or have completed the quest N Warrior [45D] Maw of Souls: Message to Helya in order to loot it.

Gossip King Ymiron has been defeated. He fought fiercely.
That was to be expected. Ymiron was a cruel and evil ruler, but he always did fight with great ferocity.
Gossip I want him to join our army.
Absolutely out of the question.
King Ymiron betrayed his people and doomed them to a cursed existence.
He might've died while fighting valiantly but I abhor him and the feeling is mutual.
Gossip That may be, but what better punishment than to force him to serve you for the rest of time?
<Odyn laughs a deep booming laugh.>
You are a devious one, <name>. You are right, that would amuse me. Let it be done!
Gossip Thank you.


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