Maw of the Damned is the artifact used by blood death knights in World of Warcraft: Legion.


This item is a quest reward from B Death knight [10-45] The Dead and the Damned.


An ancient Legion axe forged from a metal that drains its victims' vital energies. The soul of its original creator is trapped within and cursed with unending hunger. For more than a thousand years, an old and cunning mo'arg has used the axe to butcher uprisings and consume the life force of the Legion's foes. Over its long and infamous history, the weapon has made its demonic bearer extraordinarily powerful.[1]

From the official Legion site:

For eons, the demon known as Gorelix the Fleshripper used this massive axe to steal the life force of his enemies and replenish his own. The Maw will bleed dry anything it touches—eating is all it knows.


In Dalaran
Dalaran Citizen says: The skull on that axe looks... hungry.
Kil'jaeden encounter
The Maw of the Damned begins to tug at your grip as you approach the Deceiver.
Spirit of Netrezaar whispers: At long last! Revenge... revenge is mine! (Kil'jaeden's death)

Artifact traits

Maw of the Damned interface.jpg


Ability Ranks Linked powers
[All-Consuming Rot] 4 Bonebreaker; Iron Heart; Unending Thirst
[Blood Feast] 1 Bonebreaker; Iron Heart
[Bonebreaker] 4 All-Consuming Rot; Blood Feast; Coagulopathy; Rattling Bones
[Coagulopathy] 4 Bonebreaker; Skeletal Shattering
[Consumption] 1 Sanguinary Affinity
[Dance of Darkness] 4 Meat Shield; Mouth of Hell; Sanguinary Affinity
[Grim Perseverance] 4 Skeletal Shattering; Vampiric Fangs
[Iron Heart] 4 All-Consuming Rot; Blood Feast; Mouth of Hell; Veinrender
[Meat Shield] 4 Mouth of Hell; Umbilicus Eternus
[Mouth of Hell] 1 Dance of Darkness; Iron Heart
[Rattling Bones] 1 Bonebreaker; Vampiric Fangs
[Sanguinary Affinity] 1 Consumption; Dance of Darkness; Vampiric Fangs
[Skeletal Shattering] 1 Coagulopathy; Grim Perseverance
[The Hungering Maw] 1 None
[Umbilicus Eternus] 1 Meat Shield; Veindrender
[Unending Thirst] 1 All-Consuming Rot
[Vampiric Fangs] 4 Grim Perseverance; Rattling Bones ; Sanguinary Affinity
[Veinrender] 4 Iron Heart; Umbilicus Eternus

Hidden trait: [The Maw Must Feed]


Ability Ranks
[Fortitude of the Ebon Blade] 1
[Carrion Feast] 4
[Vampiric Aura] 1
[Souldrinker] 1
[Concordance of the Legionfall] 50


Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 01.png Classic

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Classic]

Maw of the Damned.jpg
Maw of the Damned2.jpg
Maw of the Damned3.jpg
Maw of the Damned4.jpg
This is the default appearance Recover one of the Pillars of Creation Recover  [Light's Heart]
N [10-45] Light's Charge
Complete the first major Campaign effort with your order
N [10-45] A Personal Request

Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 02.png Upgraded: Bloodmaw

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Upgraded]

Complete the death knight Order Campaign
 [Forged for Battle]
Unlock every artifact trait
 [Power Realized]
Research the full history of the artifact
 [Part of History]
Obtain eight rare archeological finds
 [This Side Up]

Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 04.png Valorous: Soulreaper

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Valorous]

Complete the Balance of Power questline
 [Improving on History]
Kill eight world bosses
 [Unleashed Monstrosities]
Complete a Mythic Mode Dungeon using a level 15 keystone
 [Keystone Master]
Earn the achievement  [Glory of the Legion Hero]

Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 05.png War-torn: Executioner

Achievement: Alliance  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]/Horde  [Fighting with Style: War-torn]

Participate in Player vs. Player combat and reach  [Honor Level 10] Reach  [Honor Level 30] Reach  [Honor Level 50] Reach  [Honor Level 80]

Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 03.png Challenging: Bonejaw

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Challenging]

Complete the The Highlord's Return questline Defeat Heroic Kiljaeden after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Win 10 rated battlegrounds after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Defeat all Legion dungeon bosses after unlocking a challenge artifact appearance

Inv axe 2h artifactmaw d 06.png Hidden: Touch of Undeath

Achievement:  [Fighting with Style: Hidden]

Touch of Undeath.jpg
Touch of Undeath2.jpg
Touch of Undeath3.jpg
Touch of Undeath4.jpg
Acquire  [Twisting Anima of Souls] Complete 30 Legion dungeons after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Complete 200 World Quests after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Kill 1,000 enemy players after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance

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