HordeMayor Honeydew
Image of Mayor Honeydew
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Honeydew Village, Jade Forest
Relative(s) Kai-Lin Honeydew, Siat Honeydew

Mayor Honeydew is a pandaren, mayor of Honeydew Village in the Jade Forest. Horde adventurers are asked to convince him to cooperate with the Horde.

After a dialogue with Elder Honeypaw, Taran Zhu and Sergeant Gorrok, he decides that the Horde will be allowed to stay in the village to care for the wounded, but that the pandaren will remain neutral.




This was a simple town to oversee for my father. We spent some days growing crops, others brewing. Once a year we would travel to other villages to trade. It was a life that we all enjoyed.

Now, the echoes of war bounce all around us, and we must navigate these troublesome times with care. I only hope we may find a resolution quickly.

Dialogue about welcoming the Horde survivors

Mayor Honeydew says: Should we allow them to stay here? The have wounded to tend to
Elder Honeypaw says: They will bring more destruction to our village!
Sergeant Gorrok says: How can you remain neutral after watching them blow us out of the sky?!
Elder Honeypaw says: Well what about the bombs that landed in our farms from your warship!
Sergeant Gorrok says: Those are the casualties of war!
Elder Honeypaw says: A war we didn't have until you arrived!
Taran Zhu says: If it is war you mean to bring to our shores, the very land itself will respond to your passions and your violence.
Taran Zhu says: I do not know what the ultimate consequences will be. Nobody does.
Taran Zhu says: You may give these soldiers quarter at your discretion, but we are not choosing sides.
Taran Zhu says: This conflict is little more than a race-war. Their hatreds would engulf this land - we will have no part in this!
Taran Zhu says: I must go - there are others who have landed on our southern shores.


Although he states the village will remain neutral, they are infact flagged Horde and will attack Alliance players on sight.

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