AllianceMaz Drachrip
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Gender Male
Race Wildhammer dwarf
Class Fighter, Windrider
Affiliation(s) Wildhammer Clan
Occupation Thane of Wildhammer Clan
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Thane Maz Drachrip was a former ruler and thane of Hinterlands and the Wildhammer Clan of hill dwarves at Aerie Peak, he was in charge after the former thane Kurdran Wildhammer went through the Dark Portal. He acquired his position through a hereditary monarchy, held by the Wildhammer Clan, who proved themselves by might. He was a great fighter and windrider.

As part of clan-like caste system a thane rules each clan, and the mightiest thane rules Aerie Peak, this has been the Wildhammer Clan since the War of the Three Hammers. As Maz held the position of thane of Aerie Peak it would mean that he proved himself the mightiest thane, or at least his family had proven themselves, the mightiest clan of the Hinterlands in order to keep the hereditary monarchy.[1]

He may have died or retired between the time Brann Bronzebeard wrote Lands of Conflict and his reports for the Alliance Player's Guide, because Falstad Dragonreaver now holds the position of thane of Aerie Peak. Since the position is a hereditary monarchy this would imply that Falstad is related to Maz. So it is likely that Maz's true name was "Maz Wildhammer" like most Wildhammer dwarves. Following Wildhammer tradition, "Drachrip" like Falstad's name "Dragonreaver" is his title of honor and replaced his true name "Wildhammer".[2]


  • In canon, his role as leader of the clan when Kurdran was away was given to Falstad Wildhammer.[3]