The Eroded Bust, which Captain Su-Dao claims looks "just like" Mazu.

Mazu is a beautiful goddess of the sea with power over waters and winds. She has the head of a night elf and slender arms, and wears shells around her neck and strings of pearls on her hips. She supposedly saved Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao from a violent storm in his youth by sending Dog to rescue him.[1]

Notes and trivia

  • Members of Soggy's crew use a type of water-breathing potion called Mazu's Breath[2] and invoke her name in expressions like "What in Mazu's name?"[3] and "Mazu, guide my arm".[4]
  • She has two zones in the Dread Wastes named after her: Mazu's Overlook and Shelf of Mazu.
  • She is named after the Eastern Asian sea goddess Mazu.