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Meat Wagon
Faction Undead Scourge
Hit points 380
Unit Type Mechanical
Level 2
Gold 230 Gold
Lumber 50 Lumber
Food 4 Food
Produced at Slaughterhouse
Build time 36 sec.
Requires Halls of the Dead
Transport slots 2
Attacking priority 3
Hotkey M
Collision Size 48
Weapon(s) Throwing Diseased Corpses
Normal attack

71-88 (79.5 avg)
Area Damage Radius:

  • Full Damage Area: 2.5
  • 2/5 Damage Area: 5
  • 1/4 Damage Area: 15
Can attack Ground, Structure, Tree, Wall, Debris, Item, Ward
Range 25-115
Attack type Siege
Cooldown 4.00 sec.
Weapon type Artillery; Missile (While targeting Structures)
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 2
Day Sight 140
Night Sight 120
Movement Speed Slow (220)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

One of the strangest and most dire tools utilized by the undead Scourge is the dreaded Meat Wagon. This rickety contraption is used to collect and store recently slain corpses from the field of battle. At any time, corpses can be pulled from the Meat Wagon and raised into undead warriors. The Meat Wagon can also 'fling' diseased corpses at enemy units by use of a crude catapult device. An invaluable support vehicle for the Scourge, the Meat Wagon strikes fear and woe into the hearts of even the most resolute defenders.


The Meat Wagon functions similarly to the Night Elven Glaive Thrower and Orcish Demolishers as long-range mechanical siege units, and as such are effective against heavily fortified enemies where a simple head-on attack would be unfeasible. However, despite this use, they're fairly uncommon due to their lack of versatility compared to other siege units (Demolishers have Burning Oil for DoT, Mortar Teams can be affected by spells and Glaive Throwers can multihit), along with the fact that they only help Necromancer-heavy setups.

Unlike its other counterparts, the Meat Wagon is also designed to hold corpses - up to eight at any given time. The Meat Wagon preserves the corpses held inside them, so they will never decay. This makes it particularly useful for Death Knights and Necromancers. While it is unlikely that there will be many high-level creeps on any given map, the Meat Wagon may hold onto them for the Death Knight to reanimate, temporarily giving players powerful assistants for their side. Necromancers also enjoy the benefit of the Meat Wagon by quickly summoning Skeletal warriors and/or mages as soon as they enter the battlefield for additional assistance. However, their long attack range means the summoned skeletons must be directed to attack enemies as they will be too far to acquire targets. This can be remedied by bringing the Meat Wagons closer to the Necromancers.

The Meat Wagon doesn't automatically pick up corpses unless set on automatic - they collect the nearest corpses. If Exhumed Corpses has been researched, then the Meat Wagon automatically supplies itself with corpses like the Graveyards, making the process of collecting corpses unnecessary. Meat Wagons can also benefit from the Disease Cloud research as their attacks become capable of spreading disease onto enemies.

If destroyed with corpses inside, all of the corpses will spill out of the Meat Wagon.

Spells and abilities

Get Corpse (Autocast)

Picks up a nearby corpse for later use.
Range Area of Effect Allowed Targets Corpse Capacity
10 60 Dead, Organic 8

Drop All Corpses

Drops all corpses for immediate use.

Disease Cloud

Drops a Disease Cloud with each attack. Disease Cloud deals 2 damage per second. Lasts 90 seconds.
Undead are immune to Disease Cloud.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
100 Gold 200 Lumber Slaughterhouse Black Citadel 45 sec.
Duration Allowed Targets Effect
90 sec. Ground, Enemy, Structure, Debris, Tree, Organic, Neutral Deals 2 damage/sec.

Exhume Corpses

Generates a Crypt Fiend corpse within the Meat Wagon every 15 seconds.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
75 Gold 50 Lumber Slaughterhouse Halls of the Dead 20 sec.


Unholy Strength
Increases the attack damage of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Effect
125 Gold 50 Lumber Graveyard 60 sec. Normal attack: 72-106 (89 avg)
Improved Unholy Strength
Further increases the attack damage of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time Effect
200 Gold 150 Lumber Graveyard Halls of the Dead 75 sec. Normal attack: 73-124 (98.5 avg)
Advanced Unholy Strength
Further increases the attack damage of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time Effect
275 Gold 250 Lumber Graveyard Black Citadel 90 sec. Normal attack: 74-142 (108 avg)

Patch changes

  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.19 (2005-09-19): Exhume Corpses research now costs 75 gold / 50 lumber down from 125 gold / 100 lumber.
  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.15 (2004-05-10): Exhume Corpses now requires Halls of the Dead instead of Black Citadel.
  • WC3RoC-logo.png Patch 1.06 (2003-06-03): All basic siege units (Mortar Teams, Catapults, etc.) have had their night sight increased to 1100 from 1000.
  • WC3RoC-logo.png Patch 1.01 (2002-07-05): Hit points reduced to 380 from 450.

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