For the original encounter, see Bruce. For the mount, see  [Bruce].
Image of Mecha-Bruce
Race Crocolisk (Beast)
Level 93 Elite
Location Brawler's Guild
Status Killable

Mecha-Bruce is one of the special Rank 6 Challenge Card encounters in the Brawler's Guild. To fight him, players must use  [Challenge Card: Mecha-Bruce], purchased from the card trader in the arena. To unlock the ability to purchase the challenge card, players must first purchase  [Challenge Card: Bruce] from the same card trader and beat Bruce once again. A quest-starting item will automatically be awarded upon Bruce's second death.


  • Inv misc monsterfang 02.png  Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp — Seven quick chomps inflict 475,000 to 525,000 Physical damage to all enemies in front. 4 sec cast. Triggers every 0.25 sec... (6 sec cooldown)
    • Inv misc monsterfang 02.png  Chomp — Inflicts 475,000 to 525,000 Physical damage to all enemies. Instant.
  • Inv misc wrench 01.png  Better, Stronger, Faster — Improve Mecha-Bruce's Mecha-Armor. 6 sec cast.
    • Inv gizmo 01.png  Mecha-Armor: Beta — Increases movement and cast speed by 40% Instant.
  • Inv misc eye 04.png  Stasis Beam 40 yd range — Stunned. 2.5 sec cast. 4 second debuff
  • Ability druid primaltenacity.png  Powerful Bite Melee range — Inflicts 100% of normal damage, and reduces the armor of an enemy by 20% for 5 sec. Instant (1 sec cooldown)


Mecha-Bruce cycles between Chomp x7, then Better, Stronger, Faster, and then Stasis Beam. Keep Mecha-Bruce in one corner of the arena until he starts the upgrade and stasis casts, then sprint to the opposite corner of the room so the stun wears off before he closes the gap to chomp chomp chomp again.

Mecha-Bruce's 6.5 million health means he needs nearly 55K DPS to beat the enrage timer.



  • <Announcer> yells: What's this? Bruce is back! A better, faster, stronger Bruce! It's MECHA-BRUCE!! YAYYYY!!

As with the original Bruce encounter, Brawl Enthusiasts chime in as well:

  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: BRUUUUUUUUCE!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: BRUCE!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Come on, Bruce!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Chomp chomp chomp!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: That's my Bruce!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: You got Bruced!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Woo hoo!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Bruce! Why!?!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Come on, Bruce, get it together!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: Noooo!
  • Brawl Enthusiast yells: You had one job, Bruce. One job!

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