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This article is about the mechagnomes that inhabit Mechagon. For the allied race's page, see Mechagnome (playable). For the original titan-forged race, see mechagnome.
A mechagnome hunter
Classification Small semi-mechanical humanoid; or robot[1]
Faction/Affiliation Arcforged, Rustbolt Resistance, Gnomeregan, Alliance
Character classes Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Racial capital Alliance Mechagon City
Racial leader(s)

Alliance IconSmall Mekkatorque Gelbin Mekkatorque

  Formerly Neutral IconSmall KingMechagon King Mechagon †
Racial mount Inv mechagnomestrider Mechanostrider
Inv mechacycle Mechacycle
IconSmall SpiderTank2 Mechano-tank
IconSmall TigerMech Mechanocat
IconSmall HunterKiller Aerial unit
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Mechagon Island
Language(s) Gnomish, Common

“We mechagnomes spent years in isolation, tirelessly enhancing our bodies and minds. But this relentless quest for perfection nearly brought us to ruin. Now we realize that balance is the key to happiness. We can improve ourselves without losing our individuality in the process. It is time to leave Mechagon and rejoin our gnomish cousins. Together, we will forge a brighter future. For the Alliance!”

Prince Erazmin after the reunification of the gnomish race

Mechagnomes[2][3] (aka Mechagon mechagnome,[4] and referred to by Blizzard as junker gnomes[2][5] but not in-game) are a race of partially mechanical to fully mechanical gnomes that inhabit the island of Mechagon and are descended from the regular gnomes of Gnomeregan. They span a variety of different types. The higher-caste gnomes live in an advanced society inside a huge vault, where they previously dedicated themselves to their ruler King Mechagon. Under King Mechagon's society, the more robot parts one has, the higher one's social standing is.

Mechagnome Junker gnome BlizzCon 2018

Various types of Mechagon mechagnomes. Jeremy Feasel described ones on the right-hand side as the less mechanical ones that inhabit the Junker Wastes, while the ones on the left as the more mechanical ones that serve King Mechagon.[2]

Having lived for centuries in relative peace, a group of mechagnomes rejected King Mechagon's vision of a mechanical world as his ambitions turned from invention and advancement to mechanizing the entire planet. Known as the Rustbolt Resistance, this group was led by Mechagon's own son, Erazmin. Setting up in the outside Junker Wastes, they were beset by death robots and other mechagnomes who sought to end the resistance one way or another. The Rustbolt had fewer mechanical parts and tended to be partially deteriorating. As the Alliance and Horde arrived on Mechagon, they befriended the group in an effort to break into the mechagnomes' city and stop King Mechagon.[2][3]

Following Operation: Mechagon, the mechagnomes re-joined Gnomeregan under High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and joined the Alliance. Following the ascension of Gelbin Mekkatorque as King of Gnomes with Prince Erazmin as his advisor, the goal of the Mechagnomes shifted from mechanization and removal of flesh to finding harmony between flesh and metal. [6]


Mechagnome comic transformation

The mechanization process, as seen in Mechagon.

Main articles: Gnome#Early history, Gnome#Kul Tiras


King Mechagon saw the Curse of Flesh as a condemnation to obsolescence for gnomanity. His people originally mechanized themselves to escape the Old Gods' corruption and restore the perfection of their original titan-forged design.[7] Mechanization is accomplished through surgical removal of a body part and replacement with a desired mechanical equivalent. Within Mechagon, this process has been streamlined so that it can largely be automated with machines and completed within a short period of time. At least when it comes to arms or legs, no form of sedation or anesthesia is bothered with presumably because such replacement pretty much takes no time at all. However, that doesn't mean that the patient doesn't experience any pain - far from it, in fact.[8]

Some mechagnomes seem to have a mechanocat racing and customizing[9][10] subculture inspired by the American greasers, complete with sweet pompadours.

Based on the dialogue between Mechagnomes, their speech patterns are less casual than other races. They often speak imperatively, akin to stereotypes concerning robots in fiction. Their society has an extreme emphasis on upgrading and innovating, similar to regular gnomes.


Main article: Gnome#Appearance

Mechagnomes were originally physically similar to their gnomish brethren, but they heavily mechanized themselves over time. It is now usual for them to have replaced all their limbs and most of their sensory organs with upgraded robotic replacements.

Due to these replacements, mechagnomes are virtually immortal, or at least ageless.[11] Lynnish Hardmode considered herself "80 years young".

Notes and trivia[]

  • Mechagnomes largely use the same themes as gnomes generally, but have some specific inspirations.
    • For general gnome cultural inspirations, see Gnome#Notes and trivia.
    • Comparisons can be drawn between some elements of the Bioshock video game series and the themes of Mechagon, such as splicing vs mechanization, giving up one's "humanity" for the sake of genetic/robotic perfection, and an extreme form of utilitarianism by an extremist ruler.
    • Many Mechagon NPCs, like Pascal-K1N6, use the form of English writing known as leetspeak, developed online over the past two decades.
    • Mechagon generally uses the theme of the lost city.
  • Many of the Mechagon mechagnomes that use the armor with the same appearance as the heritage armor are of a mechanical creature type and use "clockworkgnome" sound files.[12]
  • The names "junker gnome" and "mechagnome" are inconsistently used:
    • At the BlizzCon 2018 World of Warcraft What's Next panel, "junker gnome" and "mechagnome" were seemingly used interchangeably to refer to this race,[2] despite the fact that "mechagnome" is already the name of a separate existing race.
    • In a June 18, 2019 developer live stream, Ion Hazzikostas described the Rustbolt Resistance as a "scrappy group of junker gnomes" and King Mechagon as the "leader of the mechagnomes",[5] implying that "junker gnome" is specifically used for the members of the Rustbolt Resistance while "mechagnome" is used for the Arcforged.
    • It seems most likely that the "junker gnome" term had some sort of cross-development inspiration with the ultimately unused area name "Junker Wastes", and used internally by Blizzard as a convenient way to prevent confusion when discussing the Rustbolt Resistance and the Arcforged during development.
    • In the Mechagon Island Visitor's Guide blog post, published on June 19th, "mechagnome" is used to refer to both the Arcforged and the Rustbolt Resistance, and the name "junker gnome" is not mentioned at all.
    • There are several mobs and NPCs called "Junker" that were added but not released in the patch 8.2 PTR.
  • References to gnomes wanting to turn themselves into machines in Battle for Azeroth foreshadowed the mechagnomes:
  • There seems to be no direct connection between the Mechagon mechagnomes and their ancestral progenitors, the mechagnomes, and the two groups seem to have never directly interacted.
  • During the Battle for Azeroth beta, "Junker Gnome Caverns" and "Mechagnome Island" maps were datamined alongside the other island expeditions.[13]
  • The description of the Mechanical Prairie Dog pet ("This adorable mass of whirlers, cogs, and sprockets wasn't assembled in Gnomeregan. Where then?") is a reference to Mechagon since the pet can only be obtained after completing A [10-60] Inspection Gadget.
  • The concept of gnomes enhancing themselves with robotic parts is an old one: in classic World of Warcraft, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle was stated to have replaced some of his limbs with mechanical ones.[14]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Drust Stele: Conflict includes a depiction of a battle between the Drust and small beings resembling gnomes in stature. These may have been the gnomes of Kul Tiras.
  • Those that are classified as mechanicals could possibly be considered regular mechagnomes. In the quest N [50] My Father's Armies, it is stated that there was nothing left of the original gnomes that followed King Mechagon, and only robots remain.
    • In the same quest, there are also gnomebots and spider tanks that are named "Mechanized" meaning they could have originally been gnomes that were turned into these other types of robots.